Tip for Wearing No-show Socks

My general preference for wearing TopSiders or ballet flats is to wear them without socks. However, if I'm going to wearing them for an extended period of time, in order to lengthen their life, I wear no-show socks - the ones that are shaped like ballet slippers. Unfortunately, the heel on them is so tiny that they have a hard time staying up. My darling fiance once again had a solution: use double sided tape on the back of your heel and they can't slip! You can buy fashion tape at most lingerie or department stores, as well as big box stores or craft stores. They generally come in 3" strips but you can actually cut them in half, using only one strip between both heels.

Now, you can be comfortable all day and no one will know you are [sinfully ;)] pairing socks with your TopSiders! x

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  1. You can get peds with a sticky pad on the heel now which helps them stay up!


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