Self-Stitched Challenge - Week 3

Well, last week's sewing did not go as planned (see previous post) so, I didn't have any shiny new me-made outfits to rock for the week. I did, however, still manage to (loosely) participate.

Last Saturday (I know, technically Week 2 but, I wore it after the post...), I wore my blue shirtdress for a bit of evening shopping with DF. It was rainy earlier in the evening so I had an excuse to wear my favorite Wellies but, it means photo-time was not picturesque. Please excuse the gloomy skies and auto backdrop. DF hoped the dark vehicle would provide enough contrast to allow the camera phone to pick up my outfit.

This Week's Progress Freeze is Brought to You by Analysis Paralysis

(Updated below)

This week has just flown by! I've cut out the outer material for a pencil skirt and for the front of what will be DF's new Glen plaid vest. I managed to sew four darts in my skirt but, that's as far as I've gotten. Sad, yes.

You may (or may not) have noticed, I fully line nearly every item I sew. The patterns never call for it (why is that!?) but I throw one in anyway. And with fall coming, bringing with it plans to sew with some very lovely wool, I'm certainty not going to break habit now. Linings, to me, just make the garment look and feel nicer. (Though I don't blame anyone else for not using them!)


Works in Progress - Update

At the end of July, I shared with you my remaining sewing plans for summer. I just took a look at the list and I didn't do a bad job.
Here's the update:
Butterick 5351 in a lavender eyelet (needs straps sewn and hem) Done!
Butterick 4443 in a pink and green plaid (needs the lining taken in to reduce bulk and hem)
Simplicity 2584 in white with a lace overlay (we're still deciding on a neckline and front darts) Done!
New Look 6057 in a blue and white linen gingham
Simplicity 2246 x2 in a red cotton and a blue herringbone Done and done!
McCalls 2365 in a green linen Sadly, my linen shrank more than anticipated so, I didn't have enough to do this project.

Of course, I've added to the list! I need fall clothes now:
A yet-to-be-determined pencil skirt pattern, first in poly/rayon Glen plaid to test it, then in a wool tweed and a wool herringbone.
Butterick 5682 in a 21 wale grey corduroy
Vogue 1183 in a dusty mauve modal knit
Vogue 8685 in a light blue modal knit, though I may save this for spring
Vogue 8379 in a black modal knit
(oh and Burda 7523 for DF)

Luckily, my fall stash isn't too out of control... Yet.

What are you working on? x

Self-stitched Challenge - Week 2

Well, I am and am not keeping to my plan... As vowed, I wore another handmade dress out to run errands today. I did not, however, make it this month. I did hem it today though! That counts...right?

Sadly, this dress has been hanging in my closet, unhemmed for the past few months - ok, all summer. It was very easy to make (I think I made it in an afternoon.) but, when I tried it on the check the length, it didn't fit! My lower half was way to big for it so I angrily put it away and have been afraid to try it on again since.

Simplicity 2246 - The Quest for a Well-fitted Shirtdress

I love shirtdresses. They have the classic style and polish of a button-front shirt and A-line skirt but in the simplicity of a one-piece. What's not to love? Too bad they don't love me.

I've tried on countless RTW shirtdresses from a variety of designers but, being pear-shaped (my hips are two inches bigger than they "should" be), I'm either swimming in the top half or buttons are pulling on the bottom. Neither is a great look.

Self-stitched Challenge - Week 1

So far, I'm sticking to my plan! DF and I visited family in Michigan over a long Labor Day weekend and, while there, I wore not one but *two* self-stitched dresses!

Dress one was a white lace version of Simplicity 2584. I whipped this one up Friday night before we left home and wore it on Sunday - the last possible day to wear white! (I was determined!) I paired it with a black cardigan and black patent ballet flats to "fall" the outfit up a bit. This one got a fair bit of exposure. It was our first full day in Michigan and we went out to breakfast, did some sightseeing, a bit of wine tasting, and even went on an impromptu 2.5 mile walk around a local park!

Recipe - Red Beans and Rice with Andouille

I hope every is having/had a great holiday weekend! As we enter September and begin the transition into fall, we want meals that can make the transition with us. Red beans and rice is an easy meal that works great in all seasons. A common dish in New Orleans, it works great in the heat as it's all cooked in one pot on the stovetop (no hot oven!). Depending on the amount of meat added, it's also hearty enough to warm you and fill you up in the colder months. Better yet, while it takes 30-45 minutes to cook, only about a third of that is active time, which makes it great for throwing dinner together while working on other things nearby.

September is National Sewing Month

Did you know there was such a thing!? There's even a website: National Sewing Month

It seems, according to this website, Former President Ronald Reagan declared this as a way to recognize the importance of home sewing. Every year, there is also a contest sponsored by the Sewing and Craft Alliance and the American Sewing Guild. This year, the theme is "Sew for the Love of It" and all entries must feature a heart. So cute! This would be easy to tie in to one of your Self-Stitched September outfits! (Dont forget - the challenge starts today!) I'm thinking a dress with heart-shaped pockets is in order.

Hop over to the website for full contest details.

Anyone thinking of participating? What will you make?

Happy National Sewing Month! x

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