Wool Fingerless Mittens with Ribbed Cuff

This weekend, I finally picked my mittens back up and finished the second thumb. The yarn ends are now woven and my new tweed mittens are done! Just in time, too, as it is now [more consistently] feeling like Autumn.

This pattern was written by Ravelry member Karen and is available for free via her blog, Mitten and Makings. I haven't had too much experience reading patterns (at least not in the recent past) but I thought this pattern was well written and I loved the rubbed cuff detail. The only part I changed, aside from making it a touch smaller, was the thumb. To give a more consistent look, I used two rows of HDC topped with one row of DC. I preferred the look, and feel, of this to the suggested SC but, that's a matter of personal opinion only.

Pantene Beautiful Lengths

As October comes to a close, I want to share a bit about an organization doing its part for cancer. Not specifically breast cancer, the focus of this month, but rather any woman with any cancer. The organization is Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

A New Look

Notice anything different? No, not about me, about the blog! It's been rearranged, has a totally new design, and I've even added new features.

To the left, you can check out my projects on Ravelry (knitting and crocheting) and Pattern Review (sewing) as well as see what's popular and search the archives. Down the center will be the focus of the blog, showing the five most recent posts at a time.  To the right, you can check out what challenges I'm participating in, see who my wonderful readers are, and add your name to that list, via your preferred format, if you like what you read (I hope you do!).

At the top, we have brand new tabs! I've created organized pages for the most searched items on the blog:
  • tutorials (a compiled list of all of my "instructive" posts and links to photos of small techniques that may not have been featured before),
  • recipes (all posted recipes or snack suggestions), and
  • household tips (includes my recommendations for cleaning, storage, et cetera and home-related product reviews),
as well as additional information about the site, myself, and even how to contact me.

So, what do you think?  Is there anything you'd like to see added? Let me know! x

A Fall Tweed Hat

Though I don't feel I'm someone who comes down ill too frequently, when I do get sick, I tend to stay so for a long period of time. If you recall, in my last post I mentioned DF and I were under-the-weather. Well, here we are, roughly two weeks later spending another Sunday on the couch, frequently under a blanket, sipping cups of tea, and watching cozy television (anything with warm fires, fair isle sweaters, tweed jackets, etc...).

Self-Stitched Challenge - Week 4 and Final Thoughts

I'm probably the last participant of the Self-Stitched September challenge to post for week four but I've been under-the-weather. Better late than never, right?

So, let's see. For week four, I wore my New England style bracelet again (posted here), three different pairs of my handmade pajama pants (Simplicity 3571, reviewed last year), and my newly sewn green corduroy skirt.

Simplicity 2451 - "Green is the New Pink" Skirt

As mentioned previously, I was working on this pattern for a fully-lined version but sent myself into "analysis paralysis" with my modifications and trying to learn how to do a lined vent exactly the way I wanted it. So, I need a quick and easy project as a pick-me-up and decided I should try the pattern sans modifications in corduroy. Why corduroy? Even I don't think corduroy needs to be lined (and I line everything!). So, when I popped into Hancock to pickup a different Simplicity pattern during their sale, I saw this Kelly green corduroy and it called to me. It's completely out of character and quite probably something I'll look back on and ask myself "what was I thinking?" (which I often try to avoid) but, that may just be why I like it!