McCall's 4875 - The "At Last" Full-Circle Skirt

I started dabbling in sewing around three and half years ago.  My first project?  A full-circle skirt, of course!  I've adored them for as long as I can recall and I was elated to find this pattern while browsing the catalogs at Hancock for the first time. (I was a newbie - I had no idea how easy it would have been to draft my own!)  I was a good little seamstress and immediately bought a cute length of fabric for it and only it.


McCall 4440 (again!) - The "For the Love of Blue" Dress

When I think about this dress, two songs come to mind: "Dock of the Bay" and "My Favorite Things". I'm landlocked here so, you probably can't tell this about me but, I am a water. baby. Ok, actually, that's how my family frequently referred to me because I was always the first one in and last one out. I loved love the beach!  Given this, it's no surprise that I was drawn to this cute sea shell print fabric at Hancock.  Even better?  It's blue!  My lifelong favorite color. It didn't take long at all to decide this fabric was coming home with me.

Me-Made-May '12 - I'm In!

I love challenges! They're so great for motivating me to sew new items or actually wear the things I make. Zo's challenge in particular will do both! This will be my second self-stitched challenge and I feel much better prepared this time. So, here's my pledge:

Make It, Wear It - Queue Update

It's still a ways off but, friends, I think the idea of a vacation has gone a bit too far to my head! I can NOT focus on anything this week month! I have no finished projects to show you. What I do have is a total of three dresses in progress and two more items which I expect to cut out in the next few days.  It's so easy to get distracted by new, pretty projects!  I know I'm not the only one who does...!

So, what are these projects pulling my attention in every direction?

Make It, Wear It - Summer Holiday Challenge

With summer quickly approaching here, Brandon and I have started planning our next vacation. We're headed to a (presumably hot and humid) beach on the Gulf so, I'll likely spend the week in sundresses and light, breathable blouses with skirts or shorts. Of course, being the sewing addict that I am, I started looking over my sewing queue to decide what vacation-appropriate items I could/should add to it

Red Cotton Sateen - Shorts or Skirt?

Readers, I'd like your opinion. I'm working on my spring/summer queue and recalled a piece of red cotton sateen left over from this dress. I have roughly a yard in my stash and the fabric is very comfortable and breathable so, I'd like to make a summer separate from it. The question is, should I make shorts or a skirt?

Spring Shoe Deals - Nautical Flats

I am an endless sucker for nautical, particularly each year when beach and boating season approaches. This year, being no different, I hoped to find a cute navy and white striped ballet flat.

Whilst Googling, I came across a deal that I had to share. Brooks Brothers has a canvas and leather nautical flat for only $29.60, down from $148!