Vintage Finds: Patterns, Patterns, and Tea Dye?

Last Thursday, I received a call from an unfamiliar phone number.  Thinking it must be our Realtor, I answered.  Imagine what a pleasant surprise it was when it turned out not to be our agent but, rather the owner of the little antique shop I haunt for vintage patterns.

You see, I stopped by her shop so regularly for a time, looking for 'new' vintage goodies, she took down my name and phone number, promising to call the next time she got some in.  She called Thursday, for the first time, to let me know a friend of hers was clearing out her closets and had brought in a few bags of vintage patterns, which were so old, they were starting to disintegrate.  Would I care to come in and look?  Of course!!!  Mind, I didn't get my hopes up too much since the condition was said to be so poor but, it couldn't hurt to look, right?

Inspiration - Lace Dresses

I'm not often one to follow trends but, I have to admit, I can't help but to give a little grin when I see that the newest "it" look just happens to fall in line with my plans.

This morning I received an email from Bloomingdale's that gave me one of those little grins.  Apparently, lace dresses are one of the looks for fall.  Fantastic!  I made one last year but, as I mentioned during Me-Made-May, it doesn't get much wear, owing to it's bridal color.  I do like the idea, however, so for the last month or so, I've been working on a plan for a new one.  I've purchased the lace and the base fabric.  Now, I just need the dye and a few notions.  I'm really hoping to get this one whipped up before we move.

In the meantime, let's drool over some of the latest designer offerings, shall we?

OOTD: Mary Gets a Makeover and Goes to the Park

When I first posted my 'Downton Abbey'-inspired Lady Mary dress, I styled it a bit a la Edwardian.  It felt darling dressing up all ladylike but, truth be told, it was a touch much for everyday wear.  So, when we ventured to a French-inspired cafe last week for a celebratory brunch, I opted for a more modern look.  After all, I did name the dress "Modern Mary".

We're Moving!

Hello, readers!  I have very exciting news!  That darling fiance of mine has accepted a new position so, we're packing up and heading three states over!  (Any Atlanta-area sewing enthusiasts with tips/store recommendations??)  This, of course means my time has been otherwise occupied and will continue to be so for the next month (or two...).