My First Vintage Patterns!

Today, when I headed out to do my weekly grocery shopping, something drew me to the only flea market we have - a little Cherokee-run place on the outside of town, called Pickles Gap. No, that's not an odd auto-correct. It's actually called Pickles Gap. I have no idea why.

I'd been been to these stores a few times in the past, hoping to find a least one lovely vintage pattern to take home. I'm always so envious of the great patterns others in the sewing world seem to stumble upon. Unfortunately, if any can be found, they either aren't even close to my size or they're a style that went out for a reason.

Simplicity 2154 in Gun Check Tweed

Last week, I took a second stab at Simplicity's fantastic retro pencil skirt pattern.  I had planned to do so during the fall but, you may recall, a bit of analysis paralysis got in the way of my attempting any skirt with a lined back vent.  Thanks to the motivation of The Sew Weekly "Made This Look" challenge, I pushed past the paralysis and whipped up a great tweed skirt.

A Whole New World

Now that you all have the song from Aladdin floating around your head, I can discuss my new soon-to-be sewing addiction. 

I've mentioned a time or two that quality fabric is rather limited in my current part of the country. While I can find quality online, it often seems that a) it costs waaaay to much (remember, I'm not paying for it) or b) it still isn't quite what I had in mind.

Simplicity 7030 and "Shirtmaking" - Brandon's Plaid Shirt

Yesterday I mentioned I submitted a post for this week's Sew Weekly "Buttoned-up" challenge.  Well, now it's up!  Did I mention I wouldn't be in the picture? No?  Silly me! ;-)  Actually, my first Sew Weekly creation was for my wonderful fiance, Brandon!

Sew Far, Sew Good

Have you visited The Sew Weekly lately? If you have, I'm sure you've noticed a huge change. Instead of 5 contributors, there are now 130! Incredible, isn't it!? I think it's great that Mena opened her site to so many of us to encourage more challenge participation and inspiration!