The Mad Men Challenge - The Plan

Mad Men, Mad Men, Mad Men... I wonder how many times that title has appeared in the blogosphere in the last month alone! It was even my hand-sewing viewing because everyone raves about it so much and now, there are [at least] two related challenges on the horizon! Perhaps this buzz is because the new season starts next month? Just a guess...

To accompany the new season premiere, the Sew Weekly

Nothing to share...and I'm OK with that

Remember how I said I love it when things seem to fall into place? That didn't happen this week.

This week is all about the Oscars over at Sew Weekly and I had a great dress planned. But, alas, my little fingers just couldn't sew fast enough... (not to mention, there were 8 hours consumed by dyeing!) So far, I've sewn a muslin, altered the pattern, dyed 5 yards of silk charmeuse in two batches

New Look 6348 - The "Forever" Dress

Here it is, a week behind schedule, my new crimson silk charmeuse dress.  Oh, what a long process this was. (I won't go into the dyeing but, if you'd like to hear about it in a separate post or have questions, let me know!)  Because the inspiration dress was silk, and because I don't like synthetics, I knew I wanted silk for my version.  Not only did this mean I had to track down a quality supplier and then dye the fabric myself, but, because the skirt was cut on the bias, it also meant "couture" techniques were needed.

Taking That Glen-plaid Skirt Out For a Spin

Suzie over at "Su Sews So-So" has this great little series of posts called "I made it... AND I wore it" where she shares how she actually wears the items she makes after the initial post.  I thought this was a great idea so, I thought I'd share how I wore a self-stitched item today and how the outfit came about.

New Look 6348 - A Sneak Peak

Well readers, as I expected I've fallen behind in my Sew Weekly creations. A delay in materials arrival meant it could be no other way. Not to mention the fact that I'm taken a very easy pattern and am making it way more complicated and time-consuming than it needs to be. Then again, I'm glad I'm taking my time.

For the first time ever, I've made a sudo-proper muslin! (Aren't you all proud :) ? )

Sew Grateful Week - A Reflection

The lovely Debi, from My Happy Sewing Place, created a plan for a wonderful week where we, in the sewing community, share our gratitude for the others out there who make our hobby that much nicer! What a fantastic idea!

I just couldn't let this week slip by without showing a bit of gratitude myself!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'm so grateful to have found a hobby where I can create something useful and lovely with my own hands.  One that allows me to explore a tradition through time.  A hobby that allows me not to settle for what other's say I should purchase and where the possibilities are endless.

The Great Zipper Search - Solved by Field's Fabric

UPDATE: Problem solved! I received an email this morning from the lovely Field's Fabrics in Michigan stating that they carried both of the zippers I need. Yay!

Field's Fabrics has some of the nicest sales staff I've ever had the pleasure to do business with. I stopped in their Kalamazoo location on the road trip home, after visiting family this summer. Their selection was fantastic and their prices exceptionally reasonable. Don't let their website fool you. If you need something, but don't see it online, call or email their sales department. The turn-around was very fast and Karen was so pleasant! Now, my little Beulon zippers are on their way and I'll be able to finish my dresses...phew!

Yet Another Simplicity 2451 - Tackling the UFO

I love when things seem to fall right into place.

After a disastrous first silk order, I placed one with Dharma Trading.  That order is due on Wednesday.  This panicked me a bit because I like to start my weekly projects on Monday or Tuesday to allow ample time before I submit my post to Sew Weekly on Sunday.  Then, my post usually goes up on Friday and I share it here the following Monday.  However, since even after I receive the fabric, I'll still have to wash it and dye it, I expect to still be working on it on Monday.  This would leave no time to stop to post last week's project here.  BUT, lo-and-behold, look what I found when I went over to Sew Weekly:

New Look 6699 - The "How Projects Evolve" Blue Sateen Dress

While browsing the Sew Weekly archives, a few weeks ago, for the Made This Look challenge, I stumbled upon this adorable yellow sundress that screamed 'home' to me. On the East Coast, nautical isn't so much a fashion trend as it is daily wear during the warmer months. This little yellow dress looked like something I would have worn to lunch with friends by the beach. Throw on a blue/white cardigan, a gold bracelet and a pair of sandals, and I'd be set.