TSC Inspiration - A Dangerous Method

Every so often, a movie comes along with costumes that steal my attention.  Recently, we rented A Dangerous Method from Netflix.  It's a period film based upon a time in the lives of Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and Sabina Spielrein.  I studied psychology in college so, the topic held a bit of interest for me.  I won't say another word on the movie itself save for the wardrobe. The dresses caught my eye immediately and I found myself eyeing the details of the garments frequently throughout the movie.


Reader Poll - How Many Sites are Too Many?

Have you noticed the new sewing sites popping up lately?  I recently joined Kollabora (which looks quite promising) and before that, there was My Sewing Circle and BurdaStyle... and I'm probably half a dozen more that I don't know about.


TSC: The "Modern Mary" Dress

Two months ago, we were watching the flower show episode of Downton Abbey on Netflix and I got my first glimpse of the blue and white dress that so many people seemed to be raving about.  My initial reaction?  "Meh."  While I certainly preferred it to Lady Edith's (on which Lady Mary made a condescending remark), I didn't see why there was quite so much fuss.  After the episode ended, however, a rather funny thing happened.  "Wait! Horizontal bodice lines and vertical ones down the skirt... that actually has potential to be quite flattering!"  And so, my obsession was born.


Coming up: That's Sew Cinematic!

When Debi first posted about "That's Sew Cinematic," I was fairly quick to sign up. I had have yet to finish the green silk dress from the Oscar challenge on Sew Weekly and I thought this new challenge would give me an excuse. Yeah. That's not happening! But, never fear (ha!), I do still have Cinematic sewing plans. Here's a little sneaky peaky at what's up first.

'Make It, Wear It' Summer Holiday Challenge - V.1 Completed

You may recall, I posted a challenge for myself, pledging that me-made items would account for 70% of my vacation clothing.  Now that I'm back from Texas, the question is "Did she do it?"  The answer?

Simplicity 2582 - The "Summer Breeze" Top

Last week The week before last on Sew Weekly was all about mixing prints. After scanning the local shops, I just couldn't find two prints that seemed right for each other. I did, however, find a floral cotton lawn that I thought would make the perfect vacation top. So, I whipped that up instead.

Me-Made-May '12 - Roundup and Final Thoughts

My, oh my! I am waaay behind!  Things became quite busy here after my last post, between preparing for vacation and working on the house/yard. Then, we were off to Texas!  Now we're back and it's time for me to play catch up.  I'll start with a round-up post of Me-Made-May '12 but, I also have two new things to share so, look for those very soon!