OOTD: Transitioning to Fall in Summer Heat

Labor Day has come and gone, here in the US, and that means no more white! It's time to rotate our wardrobes to cozy sweaters, corduroy, and rich colors... ah, the delightful chill of the autumn months.  Can't you just feel the wool?


Did I mention that in the south the heat is still reaching above 100F!?  And, the humidity... we're talking hair volume-doubling!  So, you might say my sweaters are still safely stored away in the cedar drawers.

Homekeeping Tips: Making a Home Inventory

Friends, the moving process has begun.  Ok, well, really we're just in the keeping the house ship-shape, waiting-game phase right now but, that's progress. Considering I'm a homemaker and this is technically an "all things domestic" space, I thought you all might allow me to share any tips or thoughts I have throughout the process.  Cool?  Cool.