Me-Made-May '14: Round-up

We made it to the end!  Happy June!

Day 31 (Poor day 31, all by itself :-P) - "Lilly Alligator" dress - for a day out with Brandon - I saved this one for the end for two reasons: 1. I was terrified it wasn't going to fit!  My post-surgery diet hasn't been as healthy as I like since chewing is harder now and high-maintenance. Luckily, it's been getting better so, my dress turned out not to be a problem :) 2.  I wanted to end the month on a high note.  I love this dress!  This was the four version of this pattern so the fit is pretty good.  I love the lace and the high-quality (Lilly!) fabric. The print is almost ridiculous (alligators and mini-flowers!) but, so cute and the colors are similar enough that, in my opinion anyway, it isn't loud.  Oh, and it's turquoise. Need I say more?  So, yeah, I still love this dress!

Dress: McCalls 4440, Purse: Coach (vintage), Shoes: Clarks

Final Thoughts:

I'm particularly grateful for Me-Made-May this year.  Not only did I get to test my wardrobe ideas and be inspired by lots of new sewcialists, but, it also kept me blogging.  I've been very self-conscious since my jaw surgery so, I haven't been up for taking my normal photos for all my new makes.  One photo at a side angle was boring but, a lot easier.  It's getting better now though so, hopefully I can resume my regularly scheduled blogging soon :)

This year, I pledged 5 items per week.  Save for one day where a migraine got in the way, I succeeded!  :-D

What did I learn?
  • I'm on the right track!  I'm learning what styles/colors/fabrics I prefer and I'm choosing those over things I may like but, won't wear.  All of my recent makes have been successes! (Not all perfect, mind you but, successes.) 
  • I really do prefer separates.  I like my dresses.  I do.  And, I want to make more.  But, on a day-to-day basis, I like to keep things a little more casual.  Separates also mean I can wear prints without them wearing me (it's a personal preference but, I tend to feel overwhelmed by allover prints).  Going forward, I need to add shorts and simple tops (mostly woven) to my queue, as well as continuing to replicate my already loved pieces (semi-circles forever!)
  • I still haven't learned how to accessorize.  Reading previous round-ups, this was something I've been trying to work on but, I'm easily intimidated by larger pieces.  Meh, I think I'm good with my simple jewelry.
What will I do next year?
  • Expand on this year's successes.  Next year, I hope to be able to up my challenge to a me-made item every day!  Now that I know I'm on the right track with all of my new makes, I think I'll get there.  There will be a lot of woven separates in my future, as well as some more knits, particularly t-shirts and yoga-wear.  Eventually, the goal will be to wear 100% me-made.
  • Choose a comfortable, consistent method for documenting.  I previous years, I've been disappointed that I allow MMMay photos to be "lazier".  Honestly, I think it's better that way.  I would like to find a uniform way to do it though.  Perhaps Instagram?  I saw a lot of fellow me-made-Mayers using that application for their daily shots and I liked it.  It's quick, easy, and consistent.  Now that I'm nailing my style down a bit more too, I think less text would ok too.  I just have to learn how to take a proper selfie :-P
  • Add Brandon to the mix.  I've hoped to do this before but, my sewjo comes and goes and life gets in the way.  Hopefully, I'll have a chance to make him a few things this year so he can participate too.
So, that's another Me-Made-May done.  I had fun, as always, and am even more inspired to keep creating! 


Me-Made-May '14: Week 5

Nearly there!

Day 24 - n/a - I wore a semi-boxy t-shirt from J.Crew that I love.  So much so that I traced it a couple of years ago.  I finally made one this week!  see below.  Oh, and rtw shorts, cause obviously a girl's gotta wear more than a t-shirt ;-P

Day 25 - n/a - This was the dirtiest of the home improvement days this month so, I wore a (free) souvenir t-shirt and shorts.  I don't dare mess up my me-mades :-)  Maybe when I have plenty more to choose from?

Day 26 - Navy Ikat linen skirt - One more time! For a Memorial day cookout at a neighbor's house.  Ok, this day cinched it.  No one else showed up to the party wearing a skirt and yet, I still felt perfectly comfortable in it.  I think the fabric and the print make it casual enough to not stand out.  Normally, I get "Aww, you didn't have to get dressed up." but, not this time.  And, the linen was downright heavenly in the humid, raining off-and-on, summer heat.  Grade: A

Shirt: Brooks Brothers, Skirt: self-drafted, Shoes: Hush Puppies, Jewelry: Lilly Pulitzer & J.Crew, Umbrella: Totes

Day 27 - Self-Drafted Lavender Linen Skirt - Another day, another repeat.  For running errands and whatnot.  Not much new to say about this one.  I really wanted to wear it when I woke, which is always a good sign.  It's a bit tricky to pair though.  I Googled and, apparently, the trendy option would have been mint.  Having a mint silk blouse, I considered it but, I think it's a bit too "omgfashun" for me to pull off and would have just looked way too sugary sweet.  So, I went with blue. Blue's always good (I hope).  I felt good in it at least :)  Grade: A-

Brandon was away on business again but, I remembered the timer on our camera, trying to spare you the cell phone selfies :)
Shirt: Brooks Brothers, Skirt: self-drafted, Shoes: Dolce Vita, Bracelet: Lilly Pulitzer

Day 28 - Self-drafted (traced) "Daphne" T-shirt - This is my first attempt at finally remaking my aforementioned beloved J.Crew t-shirt.  I can't find a lightweight stable knit like they used so, mine came out drapier and less boxy but, I do still love it.  Oh, and more blue-green (turquoise, jade, teal, I love it all)!  I plan to make more of these and write up a proper post eventually but, my overall thoughts are very good.  I'm still a knits-newbie but, I finished it the closest to the original way as I good (I even used a twin needle!!) and I'm really pleased.  It filled a me-made gap and it's going to be a regular wear :)  I do think the outfit overall is a little boring though.  Grade: B+

T-shirt: self-drafted, Shorts: AE, Bracelet: Target, Shoes: Dolce Vita

Day 29 - Maria Denmark Kimono t-shirt  - more home improvement - Ok, so I said I never wear me-mades for construction but, I attempted this pattern a few years ago when I knew absolutely nothing about knits and the quality is less than I like.  I like it, I just don't like to wear it out of the house.  Now that I'm a bit more knit-educated, I really should try this pattern again - it's cute, comfy, and on-trend.  No grade.

Day 30 - Maria Denmark Kimono t-shirt - ditto - and ditto.

Only 1 day to go! (Ok, technically that was yesterday... post coming tomorrow with my end-of-challenge thoughts :)

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