Finished: True Bias Southport in Patriotic Ikat Linen

Otherwise known as MORE secret PJs!

Funny... last week's garment was linen, blue, Ikat print, and not recent.  This week's garment is linen, blue, Ikat print, and also not recent.  (I swear, I'm still sewing. New things will be coming soon!)  I finished this one last September, right before a trip home and failed to get any photos of it.  And then the weather started to turn and I packed it away... blah blah.  Anyway, here we are.  It's unpacked and back in rotation, and, obviously, I couldn't not wear it for the 4th of July!  Subtle red, white, and blue attire for the win ;)

This Southport is actually the second of three made last year.  You may recall my gushing over the pattern when I posted my first one in October.  Obviously, I was still thrilled when making this linen version. I almost never repeat patterns and I started this one immediately after the chambray version.  Based on how that one wore though, I did make a few more changes:

  • I tapered to size 2 below bust on bodice and waistband (from size 4)
  • Reduced the waistband and skirt by 1 size, so graded to a size 8 in the front and a size 10 in the back (at hips)
  • I also should have added an additional 1/2" length to the bodice (for a total of 1" added), but I was in such a hurry I completely forgot on this one.
  • I also should have taken out a little at cb waist for a sway back adjustment.
  • This is roughly the pattern's drafted length.  I normally add 3" to dress hems, but I think this one is a suitable length, even on someone with longer legs.
One thing to note, if you're concerned about how flattering the drawn waistband will be, you might stick to thinner or softer fabrics.  I'm sure the fit difference is not noticeable in pictures, but because this linen has a fair amount of body, it doesn't cinch quite as well as the light chambray.  On the other hand, that extra body means nice air flow, so it's great for the hottest of days here.  It's really just a matter of preference.  It's a pretty flexible pattern :)

Sunglasses: RayBan  /  Dress: Handmade  /  Necklace:  Handmade  /  Flag:  Target  /  Sandals:  DV by Dolce Vita (old)
Photo location:  Barrington Hall, Roswell GA

Happy Sewing! x

[Long since] Finished: Patternless Half-Circle Skirt in Navy/White Linen

Otherwise known as the essential Southern [US] skirt.

I would say I'm pulling this one from the depths of my closet, as I made it a little over two years ago, but the truth is, it has been in constant rotation each summer!  I'm sure the reasons are obvious: 1. it's linen and this is Georgia, and 2. navy and white are two of my favorite neutrals (yes, navy is a neutral in my world ;) )

This was the second in a line of half-circle skirts (the first of which was posted here).  With a hit or miss sewjo, their simplicity was just far too tempting.  Well that, and the fact that I decided about a week before a vacation that I needed as many new garments as possible! haha  By simplicity, in this case, I mean a relative lack of fitting (if the waistband fits, it works! Whether it's flattering, is a different story altogether) and the fact that it is unlined!  Long-time readers may remember how rare that is for me.  But, it's hard to argue with the impracticality of an additional layer when bracing for scorching heat and sticky humidity.

Side note: Have you ever looked back over old sewing notes?  It's a bit like reading an old diary.  Apparently, while I considered the Ikat print to be out of my comfort zone, it came home with me the same day I first saw it.  After stopping at it three times.  The navy and white made this a suitable gateway print ;)

If you've never made a half-circle skirt before, I highly recommend it for a quick project!  It's just one main piece of fabric, sewn with a center-back zip, and attached to a waistband.  The downside to this skirt, however, is how much fabric it "requires".  The width of the hem means you need at least 2 yards.  You open the fabric and fold it lengthwise, cut-edge to cut-edge.  The upside is, the scraps may be large enough for a pair of shorts or a pencil skirt - I plan to make shorts with the remnants from this one.  

  • Note:  Despite the speed with which this project can be sewn (it took me four hours total), don't save it for any last-minute plans.  The hem should ideally drop for 48 hours.  At least 24, depending on how heavy or drapey your fabric is.

For the icing on the cake (read: to far surpass RTW), level the hem after dropping by having a friend measure up from the floor while wearing the skirt.  This will account for your curves, making the skirt look like a perfect fit :)

I have two more of these to share with you soon. I'd say four is a good place to stop for now, but you never know!

How many is too many of one type of skirt?

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban  /  Sweater: J.Crew  /  Skirt: Handmade  /  Shoes: DV by Dolce Vita (old)

Happy sewing! And Happy Independence Day to my American friends! x