DIY D-ring Belt

For our island vacations, I like to keep accessories simple. I hate looking too done up. This year, I decided to dress up my shorts with a few simple, classic d-ring belts. They are insanely easy and quick to make.

All you need is:
A length of canvas belting, long enough to encircle your waist, plus approximately 12" (I used 1" canvas from Hancock Fabrics)
2 d-rings slightly larger than your belting (I used 1 1/4")
Hot glue gun
Lighter or fray-stop

To create the loop for the d-rings, fold one end over about 1/2", twice. Slip both rings into the loop and secure closed with hot glue. Let the glue set. Next, test your belt with the largest (or lowest) pants or shorts with which you'll be wearing it. Trim if necessary. If you used a cotton-poly or nylon canvas, lightly pass a flame over the raw edge to melt it and keep it from fraying. If you used a cotton canvas, use fray-stop at the edge for the same effect. Voila! How easy is that!?

Experiment with different ring finishes and canvas patterns and widths to create a personalized look. My new pink, green, and white striped one is going to look great with my pink polo and khaki shorts! x

(For those of you who already read this blog, I apologize. My mobile app replaced this original post with my newer post about my swim cover-up so I had to rewrite it. I don't think I left anything out. Luckily, this was a 5 minute project so there weren't many instructions to remember! x)

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