DIY Nautical Bracelet

Today, I made the cutest little bracelet while watching tv! My fiance came home very early because of the heavy snow storm. So, I wanted to set my dresses aside and curl up with him and enjoy the extra time by the fire. But, being someone who can get a bit fidgety if I don't accomplish something for a while, I pulled up instructions on my phone for a Turk's Head Knot bracelet.

It was so easy! All it required was a small can and 8 feet of cotton cord. The thickness and color options are endless of course, but I chose white for a more classic, natural look. I braided the bracelet during the course of one tv episode and then, voila! A low-cost bracelet that will be a great addition to my summer dresses or sailor shorts!

The easy-to-follow instructions (with pictures) can be found here: http://www.etsy.com/storque/how-to/how-tuesday-sailors-knot-bracelets-9314/

So, if you're snowed in like we are, pull out some spare rope or cord and imagine a little summer sailing! x

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