Early Morning Energy - Carrot Zucchini Muffins

Things around here have been busy busy! Good thing I keep plenty of healthy muffins around for morning energy! This Sunday, when I finally found a moment to do some baking, I whipped up a batch of carrot-zucchini muffins. I was attempting to trick my fiance into eating more veggies but he caught me grating the baby carrots. Luckily, he has been more open minded lately, gave them a try, and actually really liked them! Yay, vegetable victory #2!

I retrieved the recipe from: Fitness and Freebies http://t.co/rG6hpQ4 The worst part, of course, was grating the baby carrots and the zucchini, which took several minutes. Everything then went together very quickly with just a spoon. The juice from the veggies made the batter a bit soupy but it also insured that the muffins came out light and moist. Of course, you can also pat the gratings dry if you prefer a different texture.

These are a quick, easy way to get much needed nutrients and energy to start your day. I'll definitely keep these on the rotation. Happy baking! x

UPDATE: These muffins didn't hold as well as the others (even in the freezer) so I recommend baking a half batch if you're baking for two.

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