Satisfying a Dieting Sweet Tooth

In continued preparation for our upcoming Caribbean vacation, we're still dieting. Now, you know what happens when I diet? My generally little sweet tooth suddenly shifts into overdrive! It's horrible! Out of nowhere, snacks that normally couldn't dream of tempting me, become must-haves! Candy bars, cookies, you name it!

So, my lovely, encouraging fiance showed me a trick this weekend! When you get that insatiable craving for sweets, get one honey graham cracker and spread a little creamy peanut butter on it (we use Honey Maid and natural Jif). The result is a surprisingly good imitation of a Nutter Butter or peanut butter girl scout cookie! It's so much healthier than junk food but actually curbed my craving!

Now, if only I could find a cracker that can imitate French toast! x

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