Seersucker Dress - Done!

It took longer than I expected due to a faulty zipper but, here is my first spring dress! (picture updated) Finally, I have sewn something that I can actually wear out! I'm quite excited about it!

To test the pattern, I made the seersucker first and went with the spaghetti-strap option instead of strapless. If I had chosen strapless, not quite knowing how it would fit, there was a risk I'd have to take it in or out, which may have proven difficult with boning involved. Luckily, the dress fits perfectly so I can make my next one strapless.

I'm so proud of this one. It's a lovely little cotton seersucker with light lime and white and I trimmed under the (self-lined) bodice with a bright pastel pink grosgrain ribbon woven through white cotton eyelet beading. I chose to hem it to just above the knee but left enough length in the hem so that I can let it out later if I change my mind. I also went with a white invisible zipper for a finished look (the first one broke but the second one looks perfect). Overall, I'm rather pleased with the result! This dress is so light and comfortable and just polished enough (thanks to the fit and A-line shape) that it will be perfect for a nice, casual dinner at the resort.

Now that my confidence is up, it's on to the next one! x

What do you think?


  1. This dress is awesome! I am hoping to take some sewing classes this summer while I am off!

  2. Thanks!! It's so comfortable too! I'm sure you'll love sewing and if you decide to make clothes, I would highly recommend this pattern once you've learned darts (which are super easy!).

  3. Where did you get the pattern?

  4. Hi Anonymous! This is McCall 4440. I would have purchased this at a pattern sale at either Hancock Fabrics or JoAnn's. In case you're interested, we're doing a sew along for this pattern next week! Hope you stop by again soon!


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