Spring dresses!

I have been searching for weeks for beach dresses for vacation but of course, stores are still selling sweaters and thermal underwear. They aren't yet thinking of spring, let alone summer! Luckily for me, the fabric stores are! With snow in the forecast (again!) for tomorrow, I decided I needed a new project. I haven't really sewn much since my uber-elaborate Tudor Halloween costume so I figured it's high time to get the machine back out.

I ventured out to get a bright, pink, maybe green print and simply fell in love with a paisley one from Hobby Lobby (that's a first at that store)! Then, I noticed the clearance section and seemingly smiling at me was an adorable bright pastel green seersucker for only $4 a yard! What's more beachy than seersucker? How could I resist!? (I have a serious thing for preppy dresses right now so these two fabrics were perfect!)

I chose McCalls pattern 4440. A classic, simple, strapless dress with pretty details, and (hopefully) easy to put together. I'll start with the seersucker since that's the cheaper fabric. I'm thinking of using hot pink thread as a contrast and I bought pretty little eyelet beading and bright pastel pink grosgrain ribbon to trim the bustline.

Pictures to come! x

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