Classic Looks for Less

That's my [fashion] motto for this summer. My fiance and I agree that, while I do look nice in the occasional cocktail dress or trendy outfit, my day-to-day look should be much more classic. I've always been drawn to the so-called preppy look for one reason: no "what was I thinking" moments. Twenty years ago, "preps" were wearing polo shirts and khakis. Today, they're wearing polo shirts and khakis. So, you can look a picture of a family picnic and not know how old it is (by the fashion, at least). Which means, when I look back at pictures of myself ten years from now, I will not be embarrassed by what I wore.

However, as much as I love the clothes, I can have a bit of trouble finding the right style in just the right fit. (I'm still stuck in a phase trying to balance youth with classic style. Too loose=too old, too tight=too young and trying too hard.) So, my solution for this summer is to browse all my favorite sites, j. Crew, Vineyard Vines, etc, and then browse pattern books to find similar styles that I can then customize to fit my body-type, age, and personality. Then, I'll have the style I want, in the cut and I size I need, and I'll have it for much less.

Here's what I have planned so far:
M5138 in a l/s blue check seersucker, like one at j.crew
M5138 in a green & white stripe
B4443 v-neck in a navy linen
M6117 in a pink jersey, 3/4 sleeve, similar to one by Vineyard Vines
M6117 in a pink or green pique, sleeveless, like another by VV
S2246 in a cream or light blue linen
M5391 in twill and linen, in a variety of lengths and colors

That should be enough to keep me busy for a while!

The key to making these homemade items look good is buying quality fabric. Keep in mind, while, yes, you can use cheap broadcloth for most patterns that suggest cotton and polyester satin for those that suggest silk, it won't give you the high-end look that these classic stores have. They use quality fabric and pay attention to detail so, you should too.

Happy sewing! x

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