Grandma's Secret Spot [non] Remover

Monday must have been the day for impulse purchases! I went into Hancock Fabrics to stock up on buttons (40% off) for my upcoming sewing projects. That's it.

Then, there was a delay at the register with the customer in front of me. Uh oh. Out of the corner of my eye, a stack of tiny yellow bottles - which I'd seen a hundred times before - caught my eye. I saw the word "rust" on the list and grabbed the bottle without thinking. The polite salesgirl commended my purchase, informing me that it really does work! So, I took it home to try on my fiance's khaki pants, which had managed to get rust on them somehow on vacation.

Along with the pants, I tried this so called miracle on two of his work shirts. One with a huge ink stain from a pen left in the wash (oops) and the other with an oil-based stain. I applied the remover generously, rubbed it in with the dispenser, let the clothes sit for 10 minutes as recommend, and threw them in the wash as normal.

Unfortunately, when the clothes came out, the stains hadn't. I couldn't believe it! The stains hadn't even faded! Determined to get my $4 worth, I decided to try again. This time, I applied the remover and then rubbed the fabric vigorously against itself. I again let it sit for 10 minutes and then started my machine.

This time, the stains may have lightened a bit but I feel I was being optimistic. Determined again, I applied, rubbed, and decided to let it soak in while I did a load of darks. This means, instead of the recommended 5-10 minutes, this stuff got to penetrate the stains for about an hour. Once the darks were out, in the stained load went. No luck this time either. Now, I'm letting the clothes air dry and will try again tomorrow. If the stains finally come out, I'll post an update but regardless, with all this washing and rewashing, I think it's safe to say that I would not recommend this product.
Sorry "Grandma"  x

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