Packing Practically (Light)

Every year, every concierge and bellman compliment how few bags my fiance and I carry. I carry one tote bag (which counts as a purse) and one small duffel. He carries one duffel and one bookbag. No checked bags! After a lost luggage scare a few years ago, we just don't think it's worth the risk.
So, how do we pack everything for a week into so little luggage? Bring only the necessities. In my tote is generally my travel case (makeup, etc), our travel documents, my liquids bag, and a snack or two. In my duffel, I pack all my clothes and accessories but, I only bring enough outfits to get me through trip (plus an extra if I have room). For example, our spring vacation was a week, resort casual during the day, and dressier at night. So, I brought polo shirts, a few pairs of shorts, two blouses, an outfit for tennis, four dresses, swimsuits, coverups, and plenty of "necessities." Keep in mind, many hotels offer 24 hour laundry service, so you can pack less without having to wear dirty clothes. Now, did you notice I left out something important? Shoes!! Admittedly, I can never fit shoes into my bag. Lucky for me, my darling fiance has cut his packing down too (the boy equivalent of my items) and his bag is a bit bigger, which means he can fit two pairs of flip flops - one for the beach and a nicer pair for casual breakfast - and two pairs of heels in his duffel. I always make sure at least one pair of heels is a neutral or metallic so it goes with more of my outfits.  I wore my tennis shoes since they're the hardest to pack. As for toiletries, the hotel should supply soap, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and often shower gel. So, leave those at home and just ask housekeeping to replace them as often as needed. Then, liquids should more less be limited to toothpaste, makeup remover, face moisturizer, perfume, rewetting drops and contact solution (if needed).
Ladies, I know we all want to bring our whole closet when we travel but believe me, traveling is so much nicer when you don't. Getting ready is a snap when you already planned what to wear! He'll appreciate not having to carry your closet too!
Buon voyage! x

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