The Farouk Chi

Now, here's a product I use nearly every day but hadn't yet thought to post about. If you've not yet been introduced to the Farouk Chi, I strongly recommend making its acquaintance.

I purchased mine for a steal about 3 years ago on Amazon. I've used it nearly every morning since! You may have noticed from recent pictures that I have fairly long hair. Longer than any of my friends care to manage. However, styling it isn't a big issue for me. I like it straight. Straight, straight, straight. This glorious tool does it in a third of the time of previous flat irons I've owned and it somehow doesn't seem to harm my hair nearly as much! I just did my whole head of long, thick hair in under 10 minutes! And, it will stay that way until I wash it.

It's easy! By the time I've separated the bottom layer to style, the iron has heated up. Then, I take my hair in thin, two-inch sections, easily gliding down the stands, never pausing. About 10 minutes later, I'm done!  My normally wild, frizzy, wavy hair is transformed into sleek and smooth. No hair product required. If the mood ever does strike me to wear my hair curly, this even does that! (Tutorials for which can be found by many people on YouTube.) The iron travels well too as it's so thin. I never take a trip without it! (No one would want to see those vacation pictures - scary!)

Now, I know a flat iron hasn't anything to do with homemaking or DIY but, we "Susies" need to look good too! x

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