Homemade Java Shake

Every day, I make my fiance and I lattes. Two shots espresso plus 16oz milk each. Today though, I got halfway through mine and then decided I wanted something more refreshing. Normally, I would just blend the coffee with some ice but I remembered... we have vanilla ice cream!

So, I pulled out the ever-handy Magic Bullet, filled the small cup with my leftover latte and threw in a scoop of ice cream. Using the flat-blade attachment, I blended it for about 10 seconds. Yum! A perfect Java Milkshake. 

8 ounces whole milk
1 brewed shot espresso (dark roast)
1 scoop vanilla ice cream

Combine in blender. Mix for 10 seconds.

I can also see adding a drizzle of chocolate for a mocha-java shake or maybe a little caramel sauce. I'm going to need more ice cream! x

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