McCall's M5391 - Classic Twill Shorts - Day 4

Now that I had a personal touch to add to my shorts, I was reenergized. I started today on the waistband. Press, trim, set aside. I love when I can start with something easy.

Next, the carrier (belt loops). You start these by sewing all four as one long strip. Turning them right-side out proved difficult for a brief moment. Until I remembered the trick I used on the Seersucker Dress straps. Just sew up one end and push that end through the tube using a bamboo skewer.

After pinning the carriers, I began pinning the waistband. However, something, I had no idea what, had happened to that piece and it was now inches shorter than it should be! I checked the body pieces and they matched the patterns so I checked the waistband and it was an inch shorter than the pattern piece! How could that have happened? So, I cut another waistband (luckily, I buy what the pattern says, so I always have scraps), refaced it, and proceeded with the instructions.

To dress up the interior and give the shorts that personal touch I mentioned, I opted to use a topstitch instead of a slipstitch, sandwiching a strip of yesterday's bias tape. Finishing the shorts from there was quite easy. They're finally done! Phew!

The verdict? As expected, I have a nice, new, custom pair of gardening shorts. There are a few minor flaws that make them below my standards, as well as a few fit issues that need to be worked out in the next pair. The waistband gaps at the small of my back but the seat seems slightly too small. Hopefully, these will be easy fixes on my next pair. If you have any suggestions, I'd be more than happy to hear them! (Seriously.)

I think I'll do a shirtdress muslin next. I have clothes for New Orleans to make and only a bit of time in which to make them! x


  1. Okay. Small world. I decided to make these after seeing your shorts on pattern review. Nice job. Rachel@ be.mine


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