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I stumbled across this little gem one evening about two years ago. I was deciding on my first garment and Googled a pattern number. The first result was this site and I was so excited! It is a site where you can find pattern reviews, photos, success stories or woes and lots of helpful little tips for seemingly every pattern you can imagine! Other members can also comment on your review and everyone is so nice and encouraging it actually makes you want to sew more! In addition, there are message boards where you can ask for help (or even find out what the best thread brands are - thanks again ladies!!), sewing classes to expand your talents, and contests with prizes.

So, if you sew, make sure you click the link below (or the widget to the right) to find real-life pictures and reviews of patterns before you make the first cut! No sense making a mistake that someone can help you avoid! x

Sewing - Sewing Patterns & Sewing Machines. Butterick & Kwik Sew Patterns. Sewing Machine Reviews & Pattern Reviews. Sewing Classes at PatternReview.com

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