Caldrea Stainless Steel Spray

Yesterday, while daring to paruse through TJ Maxx (I told myself if the Duchess can shop there, so can I, right?), I spotted crisp looking silver bottle that seemed to call my name. It was Caldrea's Stainless Steel spray in Herbs de Provence. Not happy with my current cleaner, I read the description: "Refresh your senses with the sunny, savory fragrance of a kitchen garden in Provence. Complimentary notes of lavender, lily of the valley and mint evoke the easy charm of the south of France." Sounds nice, right?
 Then, I read the more important part - the ingredients. Sold! This is a *green* product! My current cleaner is horrible and here was such a lovely sounding, *eco-friendly* spray. The company's motto is "Beautifully Clean, Elegantly Green." It certainly seems well-suited. At only $6, marked down from $10, I figured it was a must.
I, of course, decided today that the appliances needed to be cleaned so I sprayed a few spritzes on a clean microfiber cloth (it states it is highly concentrated) and rubbed in a circular motion as directed. Much to my surprise, with no elbow grease, it shined the appliances right up! It worked much faster than my old cleaner (and wasn't messy like that one) and it filled the kitchen with a delightful scent reminiscent of French soap.
Unfortunately, I do not see this product on the Caldrea website but it is part of the "Essentials" collection, which it states is carried at Target. Or, you could always check your local TJ Maxx to strike the same deal! x
(P.S. I also scored a white Ralph Lauren polo for half-off!)

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