Self-stitched Challenge - Week 1

So far, I'm sticking to my plan! DF and I visited family in Michigan over a long Labor Day weekend and, while there, I wore not one but *two* self-stitched dresses!

Dress one was a white lace version of Simplicity 2584. I whipped this one up Friday night before we left home and wore it on Sunday - the last possible day to wear white! (I was determined!) I paired it with a black cardigan and black patent ballet flats to "fall" the outfit up a bit. This one got a fair bit of exposure. It was our first full day in Michigan and we went out to breakfast, did some sightseeing, a bit of wine tasting, and even went on an impromptu 2.5 mile walk around a local park! (Unfortunately, I didn't think to snap a picture until midway through said walk. Not my best shot.)

The next day, Labor Day, I wore my new blue herringbone version of Simplicity 2246 for a small cookout and some much needed relaxing. I forgot to grab a picture of this one but I promise I really did. Cross my heart and kiss my elbow! (Love that line!) Of course, I'm sure you all believe me :)

I received compliments on both dresses, which is always encouraging! Now, to whip up some more to wear in the coming weeks!

What outfits are wearing this month? x


  1. I can't believe that you are sewing as you go for Self Stitched September - you're crazy (in a good way). The white dress is cute - I love the lace. Looking forward to what you come up with for the rest of the month!

  2. Thanks @Annabelle, for your compliment! You're always so sweet!
    Crazy is one word for my plan ;) We'll have to see how well that plan works. Since I'm really on my first year of serious sewing, I just don't have any fall options yet. Hence the final sundress sneaking in. :) Hopefully, I can throw together at least one a week... Oh goodness...


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