Self-stitched Challenge - Week 2

Well, I am and am not keeping to my plan... As vowed, I wore another handmade dress out to run errands today. I did not, however, make it this month. I did hem it today though! That counts...right?

Sadly, this dress has been hanging in my closet, unhemmed for the past few months - ok, all summer. It was very easy to make (I think I made it in an afternoon.) but, when I tried it on the check the length, it didn't fit! My lower half was way to big for it so I angrily put it away and have been afraid to try it on again since.

Then shopping day rolled around and I hadn't had time to make anything new. This meant I would have to "fall-up" one of my sundresses again. Since this year's fall palette is oddly close to spring colors, including orchid, I thought I could get away with this one, provided I toned down the sundressy-ness of it. Luckily, I seem to have slimmed back down a bit since spring so the dress fit without any problems. So, I hemmed both layers and ran out the door!

Attempting to look "fall" in spring lavender eyelet
Sweater: The Limited
Dress: Handmade
Bracelet: AE, borrowed from DF ;)
Flats: Dillards

For all you fellow home sewists, this is Butterick 5153, which is a great little pattern. I chose it because it had straps that could cover bra straps and a seam at the waistline instead of under the bust (I wanted a change from M4440). And it looked super cozy. Which it is.

Off with the sweater and on with a handmade white ribbon
so you can get a peek at the dress.

It was ridiculously easy to throw together, even with the pain-in-the-you-know-what cheap eyelet fabric and added lining. This would definitely make a great beginner pattern or one of those go-to patterns when you need a quick project to give yourself a little boost. I can certainly see myself pulling it out a few times next summer. Ooo, maybe a nice linen? (Uh oh, if I'm planning for summer this early, my queue is going to be unconquerably long!)

Now, back to the season upon us. I think I'm officially out of fake fall options... I'd better whip something together quickly next week! x


  1. I have been eyeing up some eyelet fabric at my favorite shop for a while now - it's the perfect feminine touch for a summer dress. This looks like a great dress for summer - too bad fall is fast approaching. I think wearing it with the grey sweater works for early fall. Perhaps you could pair it with tights, boots and a sweater as the cooler weather comes. (Although, I caution you against using my advice as I am not the most fashionable person!)

  2. @Annabelle I agree with tights/boots suggestion (though I wouldn't say I'm exceptionally fashionable either :P) but I don't have the perfect pair of boots yet - I'm quite picky. Sadly, I think this will hang in the closet until Spring. At least I got to wear it out once! By the way, I'm sure this doesn't apply to all eyelet but mine washed up perfectly. I washed it on cold, line dried it, no pressing required so, you may consider that fabric you've been eyeing for a (hopefully) low maintenance piece. :)


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