A Fall Tweed Hat

Though I don't feel I'm someone who comes down ill too frequently, when I do get sick, I tend to stay so for a long period of time. If you recall, in my last post I mentioned DF and I were under-the-weather. Well, here we are, roughly two weeks later spending another Sunday on the couch, frequently under a blanket, sipping cups of tea, and watching cozy television (anything with warm fires, fair isle sweaters, tweed jackets, etc...).

So, while I generally do most of my posting from my mobile anyway, I haven't anything new to share. No new sewing projects because I hate sitting at the machine when I'm unwell. No new recipes because I've been whipping up old, tried-and-true favorites, nothing exciting. No new household tips because I'm sticking to the basics. (My house is clean, mind you - I get especially "neat freak" when germs are abound - but I'm not exactly venturing out to buy to new products with which to come home and experiment.)

However, I have used this couch time to explore an old hobby. I believe I've mentioned before a growing re-interest in crochet and knitting and I've started to indulge that this weekend. I grabbed a skein of Lion's Brand Fishermen's Wool yarn in Oak Tweed during a brief visit to the craft store on Friday. DF loves wool in the cooler months and this tweed seemed to have him written all over it (and I got 465 yards for just under $4!). I had planned to try my hand at knitting him a scarf but he pointed out that he doesn't frequently wear them and would get more use out of a hat. He asked that I use a crochet pattern I tested in August and with a few tweaks (due to better stitching this time around), I think it came out great! It fits him perfectly and he says it is quite cozy and warm. I'd say that's a good sign for a hat!

(P.S. Working with wool yarn feels so comforting when you're curled up on the couch! This is definitely my new go-to sick hobby!)

I actually liked the look of this yarn so much, I've decided to make myself something from it too! I've opted for fingerless mittens using new (to me) stitches to make ribbed cuffs. You can check out my progress on Ravelry (I'm jmsews) and I'll be sure to post them here too, once I'm finished.

Hopefully, we'll have a sick-free household soon enough and I can get back to boring you with the new things I'm working on for fall! (That is, if we ever get around to fall. It was 91F yesterday!)

Have a great Monday! x


  1. Oh, I must add you as a friend on ravelry! The hat came out great, your fiance is lucky that you crochet for him. Hubby wants some mittens, but I find knitting for myself more fun than knitting for others, so I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

  2. @Annabelle I just added you! Thanks! He really likes it :) That's understandable. Most of the items I sew are for myself but since small crochet items are quick projects, I try to make things for him first. It may be different, however, once I learn to knit as I already have a dozen things I want!


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