Simplicity 2451 - "Green is the New Pink" Skirt

As mentioned previously, I was working on this pattern for a fully-lined version but sent myself into "analysis paralysis" with my modifications and trying to learn how to do a lined vent exactly the way I wanted it. So, I need a quick and easy project as a pick-me-up and decided I should try the pattern sans modifications in corduroy. Why corduroy? Even I don't think corduroy needs to be lined (and I line everything!). So, when I popped into Hancock to pickup a different Simplicity pattern during their sale, I saw this Kelly green corduroy and it called to me. It's completely out of character and quite probably something I'll look back on and ask myself "what was I thinking?" (which I often try to avoid) but, that may just be why I like it!

My new green cord skirt.
Shirt tucked so you can see the yoke.

Without modification, this is a great, very easy pattern. It's just a simple skirt with a few flattering pleats, two shaping darts, and a feminine back vent. Oh, and pockets! They're small pockets, just large enough to hold a mobile or keys, but convenient none-the-less. No changes neccesary. On the other hand, when you stumble upon a great and easy pattern why not make a few tweaks? It allows you to try new techniques, improve your skills, and looks like icing on the cake!

I made these minor changes:
  • I cut the pocket facing (well, redrafted it) into two pieces to give a 3/8" corduroy border and the rest from a soft cotton madras. This eliminated a bit of the bulk and made the pockets softer while still not allowing any plaid to show.
    Here, the pocket facings have been sewn and attached to skirt front.

    • I mitered the hem at the vent to eliminate the bulk that the four layers of corduroy would have made.
      Mitered hem at vent (my first!)
    • For the yoke facing, instead of folding 1/2" under and slipstitching it down, I trimmed it 1/4" past the stitching line of the yoke, overcasted the raw edge and stitched "in the ditch." I bet you can guess why!... To eliminate bulk.
    • I also left of the hook-and-eye because I don't like them but that was just personal preference.

    I've also decided that I love that this pattern recommended a bit of hand sewing. I did a simple slipstitch hem which is virtually invisible on the outside and DF praised it profusely! (What a great confidence booster!) I also opted to hand baste the lapped zipper after a few failed attempts at getting the yoke to line up perfectly while using my machine. Hand sewing it gave me so much more control and I didn't have to worry about tension or the pressure of the machine's foot. Low and behold, the yoke lined up! I was so motivated, I actually finished the entire zipper by hand! It was a good opportunity for practicing a variety of stitches. (Of course, with a walking foot and a zipper foot, one could easily have it done all by machine.)

    The [dreaded] back view
    showing lapped zipper, darts, and vent.

    As an added bonus to its quick construction, this skirt is comfortable! It must be the extra breathing room from the pleats and wide yoke in combination with the cozy corduroy fabric because I actually forgot it was a pencil skirt that I was wearing! That little back vent also allows for more comfort by increasing ease of walking and sitting while still being more discreet than a slit.

    So, easy to sew, feminine, and comfortable - I'd say this pattern is a winner! This could easily be made up in a variety of fabrics to cover all four seasons and I definitely see myself whipping up more of these in the future. I think this one is going to be my "TNT" (tried-and-true) casual skirt pattern!

    What staple patterns have you discovered lately? x

    For my very random thought process regarding the name of this skirt, click here. (Picasa link)

    New photo (Nov '11):

    I think I prefer it paired with an outfit like this.
    What do you think?


    1. What a great skirt - I love it. Green is really a great color, you can wear it in any season and it goes with a lot (not everything, but a lot).

    2. Thank you @Annabelle! I've never really worn green but I can see how it will work for much of the year. I just love versatile items!

    3. Lovely skirt, looks comfy. Lapped zipper is a nice detail.


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