11l11l11 - Did You Wear the Wale?

Yesterday, was 11l11l11, the "day which most resembles corduroy." I first heard about this only a week or so ago via @CottonFashion 's retweet of a @CorduroyClub post. Coincidentally, I happened to finish my red corduroy pencil skirt (Simplicity 2154) this week so, I thought it would be fun to participate in the wale festivities by wearing it when we went out Friday.

Wearing the [21] Wale

Did you hear about this event? Did you wear your corduroy? Please share!

More on my new skirt to come! (When better pictures can be taken... it gets dark so early now, there is little time to snap outdoor photos after DH2b gets off work.)

Have a great weekend everyone! x


  1. Ha, I never heard about wearing corduroy for 11/11/11, very creative though. Can't wait to see more details on the new skirt, which looks fabulous!

  2. I know! I have to hand it to whoever thought of it - very creative. A bit silly as well but I never mind an excuse to wear a newly finished garment! :) Thanks! I should be posting a review soon. (It's a great pattern!)


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