Easy, Flat-rate Shipping

Lately, I've done my share of buying and selling on ebay and what shocked me this year was how many sellers ship a fairly small item in a brown envelope for $6+. There's even been a time or two where the seller spent more on shipping my item to me than I paid in total! This got me wondering... Doesn't everyone know about flat-rate shipping?
Source:  USPS

Flat-rate shipping is wonderful! I use the $4.95 Priority Tyvek envelopes for nearly everything I sell or ship to family. Your item ships Priority (or Express, depending on the supplies you choose) so it gets to its destination FAST! Most of my buyers received their goods in two days. One buyer actually received it the next day! The flat-rates are certainly lower than you'll pay for Priority otherwise and, often, lower than Parcel Post. Occasionly, it even rivals First Class. (Make sure you weight your item to choose the best rate.) If you buy your postage online, you save even more, and generally get free delivery confirmation. Speaking of buying postage online, while you're there, you can also order FREE mailing supplies and schedule FREE pickup so you can pack, stamp, and ship all from the convenience of your own home! How great is that!?

Caution: supplies ordered online can take 7-10 business days to arrive so, if your trying to mail out holiday gifts, you'll have to brave the real Post Office this time. But, make sure you ask them about Flat-rate when you get there!

I hope this saves you a few dollars this holiday season! Happy shipping! x


  1. I agree. I have passed on several patterns because the shipping was ridiculous. When I asked for one pattern to be sent first class a seller told me no. Her reasoning was that she could track it with delivery confirmation. Obviously she didn't know that when you print your postage through PayPal you can track it. Recently I bought a lovely lot and the seller spent $8 on parcel post because she put them in a box. I let her know that next time she sells a small lot to put them in a Flat Rate Priority Envelope. She didn't know about flat rate shipping.

    1. Hi Tia! It's too bad you've had to miss out on patterns due to shipping and that sellers aren't willing to work with you (I've experienced the same). Exploring shipping options is really the best solution for both the customer and seller. How nice of you to tell that seller about cheaper options!


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