One Hour Half-Slip

I decided I wanted to wear my red corduroy skirt today. Then, I stepped outside. All of a sudden, it's freezing here! This meant tights were a must! Of course, cold weather + nylon tights + a cotton skirt = embarrassing static. I was so excited making my corduroy skirts when I realized they didn't need to be lined. Too bad I forgot the above equation when I decided that. So, to solve the problem, I knew a half-slip was needed. I haven't owned one in years but this is where being a home seamstress comes in handy! In less than an hour, with only a few supplies, I whipped up a little slip using Simplicity 2154 - modified, of course.

My new 'one-hour' slip.
I thought I'd spare you from me modeling it :P

I had a yard of ivory "hang free" lining on hand so I paired that with no-roll elastic and a bit of vintage lace. I cut only the front and back skirt pieces, four inches shorter than before, both on the fold, and left the darts open. Then, I simply sewed up both sides, pinking the edges for a retro touch. For the elastic casing, I overcasted the edge and folded down about 3/4", sewing it close to the edge and leaving a three inch opening on one side. Through this opening, I fed the elastic and then sewed the elastic to itself to form the waist. Then, I sewed the opening shut. To make the lacy hem, I again overcasted the edge and then lined up that edge with the edge of the lace, wrong sides together, and sewed 1/8" from the edge. Next, I pressed the seam open with the raw edges toward the slip (on the right side) and sewed again, through all three layers, along the edge. Done! So easy!

Using a pattern I've worn ensured a good fit and using materials I had on hand meant it was ready to wear in no time! It's certainly not the nicest piece I've ever made but, it does the job and no one will see it but me!

Have you ever sewn something to be worn the same day?

Now, I'm off into the holiday madness! Be safe everyone! x


  1. I can't count how many time I've sewn something and worn it the same day... It's strangely satisfying.

    Cute little slip. Funny, I never had much grief wearing tights with corduroy, maybe my tights are made of something weird. In fact I'd say they probably are. :)

    Huzzah for corduroy!

  2. Thank you @Steph!

    I'm jealous - I don't generally have the confidence to whip something up quickly to be worn immediately. I'm convinced something will be wrong.

    Perhaps the static issue had more to do with the weight instead. These are fairly thin cottons so maybe they just don't have the weight to stay down. I may just have to find some heavier cord to test that. :)

  3. I actually started working on a slip just recently too! My won't be finished in a day as I can hardly find more than a half hour a day for sewing (if that), but I'm hoping to finish it over the weekend. While I've never done a project from start to finish on the day I plan to wear it, I have had plenty of times where I finish my project the day I need to wear it.

    Your new slip is cute, I hope you get plenty of use out it!

  4. I can imagine, @Annabelle ! The holiday season is always such a busy time - even more so when you work!

    I've been guilty of that last minute finish a time or two as well (or up very very late the night before). In fact, I was supposed to have a new skirt for myself and a pair of pants for DH2b ready by tomorrow! Fortunately, I'm nearly done with his pants.

    Thanks! Good luck finishing yours!


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