Yet Another Simplicity 2451 - Tackling the UFO

I love when things seem to fall right into place.

After a disastrous first silk order, I placed one with Dharma Trading.  That order is due on Wednesday.  This panicked me a bit because I like to start my weekly projects on Monday or Tuesday to allow ample time before I submit my post to Sew Weekly on Sunday.  Then, my post usually goes up on Friday and I share it here the following Monday.  However, since even after I receive the fabric, I'll still have to wash it and dye it, I expect to still be working on it on Monday.  This would leave no time to stop to post last week's project here.  BUT, lo-and-behold, look what I found when I went over to Sew Weekly:

Not only am I posted early but, Mena has kindly chosen me as Monday's feature!  How exciting!

Now, I can share it with you early!

You probably recognize this pattern by now.  I've posted it twice: here and here.  I'm going to have to retrace this pattern soon... I've used it so much the dart lines and such are wearing through!

This time, I did things a little differently.  I used a poly/rayon suiting, poly hang-free lining, an invisible zipper, and the leftover lace from my blue dress, which I dyed black (well, as black as Rit could go), and attached to the lining.  I added only one pocket (due to materials constraints) and moved it to the side seam.  Did you see I mentioned lining? This was the skirt sitting on the table when I panicked about how to do that and it got hidden away when I couldn't figure it out.

The poor thing cried out to be finished when the UFO theme was announced!  Of course, when I finally sat down with it, it came together rather easily.  The vent took two tries but now it lays down quite nicely.  I'm quite pleased with the overall outcome.

Since this is my third version of this skirt, I'm sure I've bored you all with it enough so, let me just leave you with a few photos.  These were taken in our city's downtown "park".  The first, on a random train car on display (there's no sign explaining why it's there.)  If you look closely at that photo, you might notice that there was an actual train chugging by as we took the shot.  I'd, honestly, never seen a train on that track before so, it was apparently great timing!

The train was gone.
Now, I'm checking for oncoming cars!
This is what happens when the photographer
 gets ideas from the J.Crew catalogue! hehe

Happy sewing! x


  1. I am just loving these photos, they are a joy to look at. Your honey is pretty good with a camera - and that last photo looks so J.Crew! I'm not bored with this skirt yet - it looks great every time. (Thanks for the link to my post on silk).

    1. Thanks! I'm awfully shy about taking them but, comparing them to the old ones, I think I prefer them too. I'll be sure to tell him :-) I'm glad this pattern isn't getting boring because, something tells me I'm not done with it yet! hehe

      You're welcome! I also updated my tutorial page and added it there too :-)


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