Me-Made-May: Days 1-3

The fun of Me-Made-May has finally begun!  I'm already finding this process so enjoyable and so helpful!  I'm getting a lot of new ideas from all of your outfit posts as well! So many new ideas to add to the never-ending queue!

(Woo, that's a lot of exclamation points... do you think I'm excited?
He he)

I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to do these posts.  I had planned once a week but, if this short week is any indication, that might make for a long post.  I may change that plan to every two or three days (or two or three outfits, rather).  These posts will also be a bit more "unplugged" than a usual post: I'll be sharing the photos, which will be mostly camera phone shots in everyday settings, and my overall thoughts on the outfit, styling, etc.  As always, I'd love to get your feedback!  After all, if these posts show how we dress in real life, we need to know that it's working!

Now, on with this week's review!

Day One:

Me-Made-May Day 1
Dress:  Simplicity 2246
Sash:  borrowed from a ready-to-wear dress
Shoes (not shown):  Sperry Angelfish
Accessorized with a ponytail, diamond studs, and a dog (her leash is in my left hand)
I felt a bit like cheating, throwing this on for the first Me-made day, as I had worn it for Self-Stitched September as well.  But, admittedly, this is my go-to me-made dress for staying home.  It's not glamorous but it is oh-so comfortable and I'd think to think it's still a bit polished.  On a whim, I 'mixed it up' this time by throwing on a red sash, instead of the self-fabric one I made with the dress.  Brandon likes it, I like it, and it received great feedback from the lovely Me-Made May group so, I think I'll be styling it this way more often.

Notes to self: Ponytails are not a good look.  Try starching collar to eliminate floppiness.

Day Two: n/a

Day Three:  

Me-Made-May Day 3
Dress:  Simplicity 2584
Shoes: Bakers Similar
Accessorized with (faux) tortoise-shell barrette and vintage brooch 
Truth-be-told, if this was not Me-Made-May, I would not have reached for this dress.  I was pleased as punch when I finished it but, I don't wear it often at all.  I love the construction of this dress:  it was my first lined dress and I figured out how to properly insert an invisible zipper, I worked to get that thick yoke to look just right, and I liked the lace rows at the bottom.  However, what I do not like is how low the yoke dips (I can flash someone while standing!) and it's too big from the waist up (the next time I made this pattern, I sized down and was much happier with the fit).

Showing bagginess from bust to hips
Ribbon added to cinch waist
To disguise the low-cut yoke problem, I pin the sides of the opening together using a vintage brooch.  This also received great feedback from the Me-Made-May participants (you guys are the best!) and I felt much better knowing nothing would be showing so, I think this will be my summer solution. (My spring solution was recommended by simplybeu and will be a light tank underneath.)

To combat the bagginess issue, I tried tying a ribbon around my waist.  Being pear-shaped, I tend to think I look thinner if you can see my waist definition.  However, in this case, this was not a look Brandon nor I was a fan of.  I think there's just too much to pull in.  Perhaps I should cave and take in the sides.  What do you think?

Three days down, 28 to go and I'd say, so far, I'm on track. Yay!  How about you?  Are you sticking with the challenge?  Are your self-stitched garments getting regular wear?

Have a great weekend everyone! x


  1. The blue dress is a winner for sure, and the red sash is a great accent. I cannot believe how low cut the front of the yellow dress is. Nice save with the vintage brooch. I agree with Brandon that the white ribbon doesn't do much for the shape of the dress - maybe an actual belt would work better?

    If you want to take it in, why don't you try adding some darts using a basting stitch. That way if it doesn't look good it will be easy to take out, and if you like it, justgo back usinga regular stitch. I think diamond shaped darts (double pointed - I don't know the true technical term) might help reduce the excess bagginess and give the dress more shape. Though I also think it looks fine as is. Let us know what you decide to do.

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Annabelle! Unfortunately, I was using the ribbon for the test because the only small belt I own is black. I don't think cinching is the answer though. I've considered darts but, I have a bad habit of refusing to fix something after I've declared it done :-P. Luckily, it sounds like it doesn't look as baggy as it feels so, I'll try wearing it a few more times this summer before I decide. I'll definitely be closing that yoke one way or smother though! (I couldn't believe how low it turned out either!)

  2. Love both outfits! I didn't think the second dress looked too baggy-- it just has a sort of relaxed, almost '60's silhouette to me. But you should take it in a little if you think that will help you wear it more!

    1. Thanks, Ginger! 60s was sort of the look I was hoping for when I made it so, it's great to hear it looks intentional rather than too big.

  3. I don't think the yellow dress looks baggy either. I agree with gingermakes, it seems to be a loose tunic style dress that is meant to skim the curves, not cling. I don't think you look "pear-shaped" at all. I would leave it as is except to maybe add a permanent closure to the yoke.

    1. Thanks for your input, Dee! I'm feeling quite a bit better about the dress now. That's why I love these challenges! :-)


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