Me-Made-May: Days 4-8

This week is really getting away from me!  I'm behind on everything, BUT I'm keeping to my me-made pledge of four self-stitched items per week.  In fact, I'm outdoing it!  I've only skipped one day so far!  Here are my outfits and ramblings thoughts from the last five days.

Day Four:

Me-Made-May Day 4
Dress:  Simplicity 2584
Cardigan:  The Limited
Shoes:  Aerosoles
Apron: Shown here, Simplicity 2592
I think it's quite likely that this dress hasn't been worn since September.  For one, it's white, which shouldn't be worn after Labor Day.  Also, it's white. And lace.  It looks like a casual wedding dress.  So, with the encouragement of MMM'12, I scanned my closet for ways to subdue to bridal look.  I tried every cardigan I have (which is only four - haha) and settled on this one. I think it's casual enough and covers enough of the white to tone it down.  It's also pretty comfortable this way.  Too bad temperatures are getting too hot to wear it this way...

Day Five:

Dress:  Vogue 8380
Shoes:  Aerosoles (my new favs, I think)
Accessorized with pearl earrings, a vintage pearl bracelet, and, at dinner, a mango margarita!
I actually finished this dress only a few hours before wearing it out for an afternoon of errands and a Cinco de Mayo dinner.  This dress is soooo comfortable!  I actually felt a bit guilty wearing something so comfortable out in public - it couldn't possible look presentable, right?  I did get complimented on it though so, I guess it suitable for out-and-about wear :-)  I don't think I have to worry about this one being stuck in my closet.

Day Six:

Me-Made-May Day 6
Shorts: American Eagle
Bracelet: Self-drafted

I confess, Sunday was a shorts and t-short day.  Alas, I have successfully made neither (yet!) so, I cheated a bit - but, this is a bonus day anyway - I wore a me-made bracelet.  I whipped this up last summer, just playing around with some scraps.  It's flannel lined and uber-cozy.  It gets worn from time to time when I'm not feeling my usual pearls.

Day Seven:

Top: Self-drafted based on Casey's
Skirt: Simplicity 2154
Shoes: J Vincent
Accessorized with another vintage brooch
This skirt is in much need of coordinating tops.  So, on day seven, I whipped up a two-seam top using a large scrap from the knit dress above.  (I'll post more about this top at a later date.)  This outfit is a little fussy but, I think the general silhouette tones down my 'pear' and the colors work together nicely.

Day Eight:

Me-Made-May Day 8
Top:  Simplicity 2339
Skirt:  Vineyard Vines
Shoes: my trusty TopSiders
Accessorized with pearl earrings, Nine West sunglasses, a Disney charm bracelet, and CoCo

Wow, this is quite a contrast from the day before!  There are clearly two sides to my wardrobe personality:  the dressier, vintage loving side and the casual, East Coast side.  Seersucker, a khaki skirt, and boat shoes - this is obviously my hometown coming through.  This is a very typical outfit for me and in no danger of going unworn.  What it does remind me though, is that I need more separates!  This is the only me-made shirt that I actually wear!  I do have khaki twill to make a darker, similar skirt using Simplicity 2451, my TnT, and a few fabrics to make more of this top. Now, I just have to squeeze it all in...

Feel free to share any thoughts! Feedback makes this challenge even more helpful.

Are you still sticking to your pledges? (I'm behind on my Reader but, I'm slowly making it through everyone's posts!)

Happy sewing! x

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  1. I don't think you need to worry too much about a white lace dress. I used to have a white strapless eyelet dress from The Limited that I wore all the time - I loved it. Grey and yellow is one of my favorite color combinations - so I love how you completed the look. Those shoes are great.

    I can't wait to see the more detailed posts about your two seam top and Vogue 8380 - they both look great, but I really want to see more of the dress. And of course the dress looks great with those shoes.

    I really like your casual look from day 8. I too need more separates (actually, I need more of everything in my me-made wardrobe).

    I'm doing pretty good keeping up with the challenge, but I've almost made it through my entire me-made wardrobe, so I will be having repeats for the rest of the month.

    1. A white eyelet dress sounds adorable! I think it's the shine of the lace on mine that I really have an issue with. But, I'm getting past it. I love grey and yellow too (and navy and yellow) so those shoes were a must have!

      I'd be happy to share more about both the top and the dress sometime in the near future. I'm so glad you're interested!

      Thanks! It's nice to know my casual items don't look out of place. I hope you're able to work in some of your needed items soon :-)

      Your challenge outfits have been great so far! I'm sure you'll be able to style your items differently to give them a new look. You're pieces are so versatile. I'll be repeating some of mine too.

  2. You look really cute in separates (of course, you look super cute in dresses, too, but I've seen more photos of you in dresses)!

  3. You looked great and I love the 1st dress. The top based on Caseys are not easy to pull it off and it's great on you xx

    1. Thank you, Rachel! That's very kind of you. I bet you could pull the style off beautifully!

  4. You are so good at keeping your posts up to date, Jennifer. Congratulations on the me-made pledge success. Love all the outfits, you always look great and pulled together. Guess I should get it together and begin downloading the photos for my me-made pledge so I can post them. You guilted me into it!

    1. How very kind, Pam!

      Take your time doing your posts. The important part of the challenge is getting your me-made items off their hangers. Posts should be done if/ whenever you feel like sharing. I am excited to see them though! :-)

  5. Hahaha I only took my first MMM photo...today. And I haven't posted yet. So, uh, you are still far from the furthest behind!

    "I actually felt a bit guilty wearing something so comfortable out in public - it couldn't possible look presentable, right?"

    I always feel like this. Luckily, sometimes magic happens--like it did with that dress! You look fabulous!

    1. I'm sure you're not furthest either!

      Thank you, Lenora Jane! Isn't that such a funny thought? Though, I expect it's rather common. I'm so pleased the knit dress doesn't look as comfortable as it feels.

  6. Absolutely love the vogue dress! And if it's comfortable it's gets a big thumbs up!

    1. Thanks, Juliet! It's so comfortable, it may deserve two thumbs! I highly recommend repeating my mistake and sewing it up in a knit.

  7. awwww all your outfits are nicely put together and look so nice on u!

    1. Thank you, Neeno! You always look put together - I can't wait to see your MMMs at the end of the month!

  8. I always hear that expression re wearing white after labour day (on tv shows, usually they're in the Hamptons lol) whats that all about? Why does that rule exist?

    1. Truth be told, I have no idea! I've heard two explanations:
      The first, that the rule was created by the upper class several decades ago to make the lower classes look unfashionable. (While "summering" at Martha's Vineyard, etc, they wore their lighter clothing. Once they returned to the city, those light colors were packed and dark colors were primarily worn.) Of course, now that we all know the "rule", the effect is no longer the same.
      The second is that white is worn during the summer because it reflects heat and, therefore keeps you cooler. It should then not be worn in the cooler months when you want your clothing to keep you warm.
      As for why we use Memorial Day and Labor Day as the markers, it is because those weekends are what we designate to be the start and end of summer (despite the actual season change dates). It frequently coincides with the end and beginning of the school year and both are very popular vacation times.
      Now, factor in the heat of the South and that's a whole different story! White and seersucker (which has the same rule as white) can be seen here as early as Easter and as late as the end of September.


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