Coming up: That's Sew Cinematic!

When Debi first posted about "That's Sew Cinematic," I was fairly quick to sign up. I had have yet to finish the green silk dress from the Oscar challenge on Sew Weekly and I thought this new challenge would give me an excuse. Yeah. That's not happening! But, never fear (ha!), I do still have Cinematic sewing plans. Here's a little sneaky peaky at what's up first.

A lot of pattern drafting/tweaking for this one... And, oh look! Striped fabric!

For this particular dress, I've even stepped it up (a touch) by making my own hair clips and researching period hair styles.

A simple Edwardian updo with semi-handmade clip

I'm quite excited about this one. It's one of those projects that I obsessed over until I found everything I needed.  I just hope it works out the way it is in my head! Can you guess what I'm working on?

Happy sewing! x


  1. Ooh, is it Downton Abbey-related?!

  2. I am thinking Lady Mary's garden party dress . . . the stripe fabric, Edwardian, and Lady M dress lace on your crochet hook. Tell me I am right :) Whatever it is, I am super excited to see it - especially if you are looking forward to it.

    1. Well spotted, Annabelle! I'd forgotten about that extra little clue. Yep, I've fallen for the garden party dress. I do confess though, I've made a few changes.

    2. I loved that dress, it was one of my favorites from the series. I can't wait to see your interpretation of it.

    3. Mine too. Though, I haven't seen season 2.

      I'm putting the final touches on now! :-) Then, I just have to wait on my photographer for photos.


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