Simplicity 2582 - The "Summer Breeze" Top

Last week The week before last on Sew Weekly was all about mixing prints. After scanning the local shops, I just couldn't find two prints that seemed right for each other. I did, however, find a floral cotton lawn that I thought would make the perfect vacation top. So, I whipped that up instead.
Top:  Simplicity 2582 (obviously)
Shorts: (excuse the legs) American Eagle
Sandals:  Issac Mizrahi for Target
Handbag: "vintage" Dooney and Bourke AWL
Sunglasses:  Nine West

I knew I wanted the top to be minimal and airy. After scanning through the few blouse patterns I have, I saw that none of them would work.  They all had too much structure.  So, I browsed through the dress patterns instead.

I chose Simplicity 2582 for its vee neckline, lack of sleeves, and the gathered empire waist.  This is a perfect summer pattern!  If you choose to make a top from it (not included but, very easily drafted), it requires only a yard of fabric!  Only the bodice is lined and if your fabric is thick enough, you could sub facings to reduce layers.  As my fabric is so sheer, I chose to line the bodice in a white cotton lawn.

Since this item was so small, I decided to really take my time with it and make it look as professional as possible.  Let me tell you, that paid off!  I'm thrilled with this top!  In fact, I think this might be my proudest creation yet!  "But Jennifer, it's just a simple little top..."  I know :-)  Let me show tell you why.  (Sorry, I keep forgetting to take close-up/interior shots.)

The sun was killing me but, we did manage to get a picture that wasn't so washed out.

I changed the construction order so that everything would be enclosed and I could add an invisible zipper.  I understitched the entire neckline to minimize the lining peaking out.  I serged all of the seams and the hem.  Most importantly, I slowed down and made sure to sew a c c u r a t e l y.  This should be a given but, sometimes I'm in such a rush that seams are off by 1/16"-1/8". Not this time! Every. seam. matches!!!! Hooray! heehee

I was so pleased with this one that I finally took the time to create and print care and "brand" labels. So, this has the honor of being my first "official" looking garment. :-D

For its inaugural wear, I put the lawn to the test.  We browsed an Art Walk in roughly 90F heat.  (Then, stopped at the below drug store to take a few dozen photos.)  The dark color made it a touch warm but, I was certainly cooler than I would have been wearing a thicker fabric.  The breeze blowing through the fabric was such a relief!

This would have been my "green" Me-Made challenge photo, if I had the time to upload it.
This is said to be the oldest, operating drug store on this side of the country.  I was so disappointed though when I saw they had painted over the old Coca-Cola mural.

So, yeah, you could say I like it.  It's not my nicest fitting garment, in all it's billowy glory but, I like the variety and its comfort (and ability to hide the damage of a heavy meal!) will keep it in constant rotation this summer.  Oh yes, it's coming to Texas with me.  I didn't hesitate to reach for this top when we opted to go shopping in Houston.  It proved great in the heat and so easy to change in and out of when trying on clothes.

Do you have a favorite summer pattern or fabric?  Are you a lawn junkie, as I fear I am about to be?

Happy sewing! x


  1. Really nice! It's great that you were able to add a nice lightweight top to your wardrobe before your vacation! Lawn is so nice for the summertime!

    1. Thanks! I was so grateful to find this lawn (my first) and have the top ready in time. Now, I just need to find more!

  2. This looks like a great summer top! I would love to see the labels that you made, as I have thought about doing this from time to time as well. I love cotton lawn, my yellow blouse is a light-weight cotton lawn and it was my most worn item for MMM '12. Also, the green floral dress in my queue is a cotton lawn.

    Another great fabric for summers is rayon. I made my lonsdael dress from rayon and I had no idea how wonderful this farbic was until we had a few super hot and humid days. Rayon is awesome for summer - and doesn't wrinkle too easily.

    1. Thanks! I keep forgetting to get a picture of the shirt tag but, I think I snapped one of the label on my yellow skirt so, I'll share that soon. Your yellow blouse is lovely and I can imagine the lawn makes it just that much nicer! No wonder it was your go-to item for the month. I whole dress made out of lawn sounds wonderful! Something tells me I'm going to be quite jealous ;-)

      Ooo, thanks for the tip about rayon! I've only ever used rayon linings but, I do have a navy challis that I'm considering making into a dress. I wonder if the dark color would negate some of the summer-worthiness though.

  3. Love this top! All your care has certainly paid off... I'm equally guilty about uneven seams - I must try harder.

    I've never sewn with lawn as I haven't really come across it in NZ, but am hoping to find some one day!

    1. Thanks, Juliet! Truthfully, I've seen plenty of uneven seams on RTW, even expensive items, so, I think we're being too hard on ourselves. But, it made me happy nonetheless :-)

      I don't come across lawn frequently either. Lightweight cotton batiste may be easier to find and it is similar and also very lovely.

  4. It seems that spending time beautiful, makes you more creative and beautiful. This work is beautiful, and simple, especially when using light cotton, in fact, a great blouse design. And you look great in shorts white, often with appropriate blouse .have a nice summer (drenk COCA COLA)

    1. Thank you! Taking my time certainly does make me feel more creative. I hope you have a nice summer too!


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