Make This Look: EGD 'Kristen'

Yesterday, I saw a familiar piece included in a fashion blog post on my reader.  Check it out:

Image source, Skirt $98
Quite a cute skirt, don't you agree?  Now, where have we seen those lines before...

Oh yes!

Simplicity 2451 and Bright Yellow Stretch Cotton Sateen

This adorable skirt could easily be reproduced using the easy and versatile Simplicity 2451, view D and a bright yellow sateen.  For those keeping up with the Sew Weekly challenges, this would be a great project for the upcoming Yellow week, starting August 6th.  The perfect sunny skirt to finish out the summer (or start the spring)!

Have you ever spotted a familar design out in the rtw world?

Happy sewing! x


  1. What a great match! I've only spotted a top that I can convert to mimic Mod Cloth's Windy City Dress, but yours is spot on! Looking forward to yours!

  2. Nice match! It would look terrific in a bright, sunny yellow. I love yellow, but I don't have anything to wear in yellow. Go figure.

    1. I love yellow too but, didn't own any until I made that pleated skirt in May. Perhaps we should both work on that ;-)

  3. "Have you ever spotted a familar design out in the rtw world?"

    I had the opposite happen. I already owned a navy blue cynthia rowley dress (on sale!) and then spotted the exact pattern for it! Simplicity 2443. It's a really cute, easy to wear shape, so I'll be buying the pattern and making my own version in different prints (as soon as i master sewing with knits!)

    That yellow skirt is really cute! I never really wear yellow and black because i think i'll look like a bee, but i love yellow with white and navy. (actually I'm wearing navy and yellow right now, haha)

    1. How cool! Now, since you have the original, you can even copy the construction techniques but, own it in as many colors/prints as you want!

      I agree - I avoid yellow/black for the same reason but, I adore yellow/navy. (Exhibit A, haha.


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