Finished Object: Raspberry Renfrew

So, at 0:00EST on xxxxxx, how many of you heard a giddy squeal?
That was me.
I'd been struggling, trying to think of a project that I could do solely on my serger (the movers packed that in its original box, thank goodness) but, I kept coming up blank.  I know it's ideal for knits but, even knits need hems.  Then, Marianna posted her fantastic Renfrew and it occurred to me - Renfrews don't need hems!  Sure, it would have been optimal to have a straight-stitch available for topstitching and shoulder seams but, who would argue over such teeny details?
Not I!
Instead, I set up my serger asap and set to work on my very first Renfrew!  (My very first Sewaholic pattern, for that matter.)

I starting writing the above post back in January after reading Marianna's post, hit save, and dashed to the sewing room.  But, when I sat down to actually sew to Renfrew in question, I discovered that while the movers had packed my serger in it's original box, they had neglected to pack the pedal with it.  It wasn't until late April that Brandon finally found it.  (We'd unpacked everything but, somehow a few of my sewing items got tossed in an antique steam trunk.  What's really odd is that we didn't inherit said steam trunk until several weeks after we moved...)

By then, my standard machine had been repaired and I was back to working on wovens.  Excited as I was to have my serger working again, spring had pushed the long-sleeved Renfrew I'd cut far out of my mind.  That is, until May decided to bring out the rain and drop the temperature 20-30 degrees.

I know panic sewing for Me-Made May is discouraged but, I'm going to call this filling a gap.  I did state that I would focus on separates this month so, I don't really feel like I'm cheating.  Just ignore the fact that I wasn't able to participate until I finished it :/

My feelings on this garment were mixed throughout the process.  Lately, I've not been much of a t-shirt person.      I purchased this pattern because so many of you made so many great looking shirts but, really, I was concerned it would be too much work for me to want to make multiples of something so casual.  And, on one hand, it was.  To start, I won't tell you how long it took me to sew the elastic onto the shoulder seam (tip: baste the elastic at either end, then sew from the middle out, using a walking foot).  Then, because my jersey was so stretchy and slippery, no amount of basting or pinning could make any of my seams line up.  Ironing this fabric was quite a pain too and it wanted to shine no matter what heat setting or pressing cloth I used.

Then, I tried it on.  So. Frickin. Comfortable.  Seriously, between the oh-so-soft rayon jersey and the cozy (but shapely) cut, this shirt almost feels indecent - like I'm wearing pajamas to the grocery store.  Yet, at the grocery, I was complimented on how "divine" it was.

Now having seen the photos, the fit is as I expected but, not what I wanted.  But, that's what you get when you ignore the bit about "stable knits" and instead grab a drapey jersey because it's a pretty color.  The fabric droops and drags the shirt down a bit and it clings here and there in ways I don't want shirts to cling but, that won't stop it from getting regular wear.  Even if it's just at home doing chores - I need clothes for those days too.

Definitely need a sway back adjustment and a stable knit next time.
SN: I'm not usually a fan of the high bun but, it's hard to argue it's practicallity for rainy bad-hair days ;)

I also see more of these in my future, though I plan to listen to Tasia's fabric recommendation this time ;)  So, if you have store recommendations for natural, colorful stable knits, lemme hear them!

Any other necessity sewers for MMM out there?

Happy sewing! x

Stash/spending notes:
Fabric:  >2 yards Mild Cherry Rayon Jersey Knit from stash - $4.80 from Fabric Mart
Pattern:  Sewaholic 1201  from stash - ~$13
Year:  2012
Notions:  ~8" clear elastic from stash - ~$.06 from Fashion Sewing Supply
Time to complete:  5 or 6 hours over the weekend?
First worn:  6 May 2013
Wear again?  Yep! It's too cozy not to
Total cost:  ~$18


  1. What a vibrant colour! I would have been scooping it off the shelf too post haste!

  2. Thanks! I *am* a sucker for color :)

  3. Megan GrandstaffMay 8, 2013 at 2:17 PM

    LOVE the color so much - definitely divine! If you're looking for a good source for stable knits, I like to check out Girl Charlee - I've got so much knit fabric from there, and they have several variations for drape. Can't wait to see any other versions you make!

  4. Thanks, Meg! Girl Charlee certainly has some cute knits. I think I just need to get the hang of understanding the descriptions. I suppose I just have to order a few :)

  5. Thanks, Marianna! I'm sure you're right - the more we sew, the pickier we get but, no one else is any-the-wiser.
    Getting photographs for MMM certainly is harder since it's just about getting dressed for daily activities. I'm sorry you're not having any luck so far :-/ I've gotten photos but, they've been rushed cell phone pics on our front landing as we're heading out.


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