Me-Made May: Days 1 - 11

My Me-Made May is off to a slow start but, I'm attempting to keep my efforts honest so I can see just how well my self-made wardrobe actually fits into my daily life (ie. no poofy sundresses just to clean the house).

I definitely made the right call keeping my pledge to 4 garments a week.  I just haven't made enough items to do more.  Especially not practical ones...  Here are my thoughts so far:

Day 1 - Nothing
Day 2 - Nada
Day 3 - Simplicity 3571 (unblogged) ... me-made pj bottoms.  Though I hardly count these as actually MMM wears, I do like the reminder that these are some of my favorite pj bottoms and they've actually limited the number of RTW bottoms I've since purchased (That number is 2 btw).  Also, they're some of my oldest me-made items so, it makes me quite happy that they're still hanging in there.
Day 4 - Another Simplicity 3571 (unblogged) Ditto

Day 5 - Zip

Me-Made May Day 6

Day 6 - Raspberry Renfrew - If you caught the post last week, you saw this was a bit of panic necessity sewing.  May decided to throw cooler weather at me and remind me I have a bad habit of sewing sundresses... not so 50F appropriate.  The long-sleeve/cowl-neck combo was perfect for this weather but, looking at the photos, I see the jersey was definitely the wrong choice for the pattern.  The shirt will get worn again (and again) but, it will most likely be an indoors-only top.
Day 7 - None
Day 8 - None

Simplicity 2246Simplicity 2339

Day 9 - Blue Herringbone ShirtdressContrary to Monday, our southern spring is back in full swing.  I needed to be dressed cool and comfortably for a day of chores and errands.  This shirt dress has certainly remained a go-to in my wardrobe.  On occasion, I feel it looks frumpy on the hanger but, I never fail to get compliments on it polish when I opt to wear it out (I always wear a belt).  I'd like to experiment more with accessories to liven it up a bit though.  I really like the tan woven belt with it but, I generally wear tan shoes too and that, in my mind, makes it a bit too traditional.  Classic but, not very youthful.
Day 10 - Blue/White Seersucker Gingham Shirt (unblogged) - Normally, I'd say it's a bit early to break out the seersucker but, we've been doing a fair bit of work on the house so, I wanted to stay cool.  Unfortunately, now that I know more about fit, I realize this shirt doesn't.  We over-fitted the shirt all around and did not compensate for mobility.  If I were to make this pattern again, I'd need to add pleats to the shoulders so I can comfortably move my arms and let out the bust area to prevent the ever-dreaded gaposis.  By the way, Friday's theme was sewing or your creative space so, I shared a little peak into my new sewing room and at an upcoming project :)

McCall 4440

Day 11 - Blue Seashell Sundress - I'm still pretty pleased with this dress and I'm sure it will continue to get regular wear.  It's comfortable, I can wear a standard bra and it's fairly easy to accessorize (the busy print has me convinced minimal accessories are best).  I love the nautical print but, we stopped in Brooks Brothers yesterday (where I did a bit of snoop-shopping for an upcoming project) and I was keenly aware that I was wearing quilting cotton.  I'm sure no one else would have guessed but, I think I'll avoid quilting fabrics for any future dresses.

That's one full week down, three to go!  Is anyone else off to a slow start?

Happy sewing! x


  1. Oh, these outfits are just so gorgeous! I especially love your raspberry renfrew, such a beautiful colour on you!

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