Me-Made May: Days 12 - 18

Day 12 - n/a
Day 13 - n/a
Day 14 - n/a
Day 15 - "Here Comes the Sun" pleated skirt - I wore this for an emergency run to the vet (no worries, CoCo's fine now :) but, came down with a migraine after and didn't get a photo.  I want to love this skirt.  I  love the yellow but, the pockets will not lay flat.  The skirt seems too heavy for the waistband and when it slides down, the pockets buckle.  I don't know if it would be better to hand sew a waist-stay to the band or to just sew the pockets shut.

Vogue 8380
Dress: Vogue 8380, blogged here
Clutch: Target
Shoes: Brooks Brothers
Jewelry: Target & Ten Thousand Villages

Day 16 - "That Cozy Blue Dress" - I had an appointment for a cut and color so, I needed something comfortable without a collar that could accidentally get dyed.  I still love. this. dress.  It's just so ridiculously cozy.  It's certainly not the most elegant garment I own but, it's perfect for maintaining a hint of polish on days when I just need to be comfortable.  It's also the perfect dress for wearing on cleaner housework days since it could not be less restrictive :)

Simplicity 2582
Top: Simplicity 2582, blogged here
Shorts: American Eagle
Jewelry: Target & Ten Thousand Villages

Day 17 - "Summer Breeze" Top - A lazy day around the house (with a quick pop to Whole Foods) calls for casual clothing.  This is a pretty boring but, typical outfit for me when lounging about the house.  I really should have given more thought to fit when I made this top.  The bodice needs to be lowered by roughly an inch, below the neckline.  Despite the ill fit and sloppy gathers, this cap is too cool (lawn!!) and comfortable to not wear regularly.  I do need to work on what to pair it with though.  I have no idea what bottoms work with an empire silhouette.
Day 18 - n/a

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