Planning: A Recovery Queue

Ok, I've no idea how to start this post so, I'm just going to jump in.  I'm getting braces this year and, for me, that apparently requires surgery. I won't go into it because 1. you probably don't want the details and 2. I know details can make some people queasy.  The import bit at the moment (read: the part that relates to stitching) is that I'm going to be pretty much out-of-commission for at least two solid weeks and it'll be baby steps from there.

So, it's a good thing I've started knitting again because, I know even if my machine is repaired in a timely manner, I'm not going to be able to use her for any time in March.  Being the uber-planner that I am, I'm developing my "recovery queue" now so I can make sure I have all the supplies I need before I go in for surgery.  (When I wanted to start my current project, I discovered I did not own the right needles.  That is not something I want to discover when I'm in no state to go anywhere.)

Here's what I'm thinking for far:
(Click the photos for details.)

I"ll start with my new Swan's Island bulky merino, from the closing sale, to whip up an easy but pretty cowl.  A long cowl is what I had in mind when I bought the yarn, the pattern was written for this exact yarn, and I think a simple pattern using large needles will be perfect when my head hurts too much to see or count small stitches.

Swan's Island Atlantic CowlSwan's Island Merino Bulky

Next, if I haven't yet finished my Cloudy Day Beret, I'll probably work on that since the pattern will be familiar. (I'm expecting it will be done though. I'm slow but, the surgery is still a week away.)

Cloudy Day Beret by Alana DakosSublime Egyptian Cotton DK Yarn

Then, if I've been able to pre-order Botanical Knits 2, I'd like to start on Thicket, in a pretty blush-pink Alpaca/Silk blend.  I don't expect to want to tackle anything too complex or large-scale while recovering and I know this will be an easy-to-read pattern with very nice results.

Botanical Knits 2 ThicketBlue Sky Alpacas Alpaca Silk

If I don't have the book by that point, I'm going to kick myself for leaving Autumn Vines at the shop :-P.  Or maybe I will get really brave and try the only sweater for which I have yarn in the stash (thanks to a livingsocial coupon!).

Ginny's Cardigan source:knitting dailySwans Island Organic Washable

Nah, maybe I'll just stick to a felted pincushion :-P.

Really, it may be over-ambitious to think I'm going to be well enough to finish more than one project but, I'm hopeful.  

What projects do you have in the pipeline?  Have you ever knit your way to recovery?  Any tips?

Happy stitching! x

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  1. I was wondering where you bought this pattern? I've looked online and couldn't find anywhere in the U.S. and its out of stock at my fabric store :( Please help!! Thank You :)


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