WIP: Two Skirts and a Beret

I declared in January that I had my sojo back so, where are all the pretty garments I'm supposed to be churning out!?  Uh yeah, that hasn't been happening.  It is, however, much to my disappointment and, generally, not due to a lack of motivation.

My trusty li'l Brother decided it didn't want to be trusty anymore so, work basically stopped.  Then, a great deal came up on my (realistic) dream machine so, we sped right over thinking all would be solved.  That bubble burst with the very first stitch.  Something's wrong with my pretty new machine causing very wonky buttonholes and the motor has seized twice.  So, she'll be headed in for repairs before I've even thought of a name for her. :(

I technically did finish my lovely wool #SewGreenDecember skirt but, a series of events has prevented it from making it's online debut as well (save for Instagram, seen below). Hopefully, the issues will be resolved and we can take photos tomorrow.

My current sewing wip is a rayon black-and-white puppytooth "skater" skirt.  I went against my better judgement and cut the fabric as directed, resulting in a bias pattern at CF and CB so, I'm torn about how this one will turn out.  This is also the garment my new machine seized on so... yeah.

Fortunately/Unfortunately, a lovely local yarn shop hosted a 50% off closing sale while I was feeling disappointed about my machine situation so, now I have a shiny new knitting WIP too (figuratively and literally since it's Egyptian cotton):

It's Cloudy Day by Alana Dakos, my new favorite pattern designer.  I've had Coastal Knits for some time, though I've yet to brave enough to make anything from it (her Rustling Leaves Beret has been on the top of my swoon list for a year!), then, by coincidence I bought Cloudy Day at the shop sale. Once I realized they were the same designer, I went through the rest of her patterns and am now dying! to get my hands on her book Botanical Knits (but, you know, budgets...) and have my fingers crossed that I'm able to pre-order Botanical Knits 2 as a birthday gift.

Anyway, I'm loving both the pattern and the yarn so far.  My tension needs work but, I'm pushing on because it's so fun watching the design emerge!  I'm fairly certain I'm going to love this hat, newbie stitching and all.

What are you working on?

Happy stitching! x


  1. I'm so sorry things have been so frustrating lately! I especially can't believe you're already have trouble with your new machine :( I hope it all gets sorted soon.
    I do love your green December skirt--can't wait for the post!

  2. Thanks, Jenny! I hope to get the green skirt up very soon.

  3. Ooo, I love both of those patterns! Did you post the mitts?

  4. I totally recognized the leaves pattern as an Alana Dakos - isn't she brilliant?? I just cast on Entangled Vines, and the cabling to create the vines is so clever (although I've put it on hold b/c I'm using a dk weight instead of worsted & I'm not sure I love the effect yet) I love the look of your beautiful yarn - it's shiny and looks very soft, and your pattern is emerging perfectly - beautiful knitting! :)

  5. She is! I love her designs. And they're so well-written. Entangled Vines is so cute. I hope your yarn choice works out for you. I see others on Ravelry have used dk instead. Please do post pictures :) And, aw, thanks!

  6. Thanks for the encouragement! I had put the project on hold for the moment b/c the fabric isn't very dense so I wasn't sure the cables would show clearly enough, but if others have used the dk successfully then perhaps it'll be ok! :) I'll definitely post pics! ^__^


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