Me-Made-May '14: Week 3

Day 10 - "Here Comes the Sun" skirt - for an indulgent breakfast and the drive home from New Orleans. Now that the pockets are sewn shut on this skirt, I think it lay much nicer.  It's still a very full skirt though so, I have to be in the right mood to wear it.  Brandon has suggested I add a bit of trim to break up the line between the yellow and the white to make it look more "rtw"... I'm thinking a small lace?  Grade: B

Sorry! Photos on this blog are dropping to a new low... my phone takes horrible photos and I know nothing of "selfies".
Top: J.Crew, Skirt: Butterick 5285, Shoes (the usual): Hush Puppies

Day 11 - n/a

Day 12 - Seersucker shirt - Errands and such.  I think it's time for this one to go.  I didn't know anything about fitting when I made it and so, I don't really have room to move.  I was pulling on it all afternoon.  Also, the fabric quality isn't so good - the dye bled and it's a little scratchy even though it's 100% cotton.  Grade: C-

Shirt:  Simplicity 2339, Skirt: Vineyard Vines, Shoes: Hush Puppies
Day 13 - n/a

Day 14 - not-yet-blogged turquoise top (and a me-made hair tie :P) - for daily activities - This one was hot off the machine and I love it already.  Rayon challis is definitely a fabric I need more of in my closet.  It's so smooth, cool and breathable.  And yes, I'm totally stuck on all variations of turquoise.

Top:  Simplicity 1690, Shorts: AE, Hairtie: me-made from fold-over elastic, Necklace: Target

Day 15 - not-yet-blogged Lavender Half-circle Skirt - for an orthodontic appointment (Yep! The braces are on! ...though, I won't be flashing them until they close the SARPE-gap a bit.) - When I bought this fabric, I posted it with two others stating that I'd apparently decided I needed more purple in my wardrobe. I totally did! I love this color!  It's a little sweet but, I kept the shape simple and wore it with neutrals, and hey, pastels are in right now anyway, right?  Oh, and clearly my love for unlined, breezy linen skirts continues.  Ignoring linen's tendency to wrinkle, this is practically a perfect skirt in my book.  Grade: A

Oh look, Brandon's back and so are better pictures!
Shirt: J.Crew, Skirt: Self-drafted, Shoes: Hush Puppies

Day 16 - not-yet-blogged Navy Ikat Linen Skirt - for a day out with Brandon - Yep, this rtw shirt and this skirt again... I love them both!  I'm not sure if my addiction to this top means I need more navy tops, more short-sleeve tops, or both.  I'm really surprised how much I love this skirt - I wouldn't have guessed that this print would be "me" but, as soon as it was out of the wash, I wanted to wear it again.  Now that's the kind of me-made item I need more of! (I think this outfit would benefit from bright pink shoes/accessories though.) Grade: A+

Top: J.Crew, Skirt: Self-drafted, Shoes: Aerosoles

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  1. I really like the navy skirt too....loving the pop of color in your shoes! Rayon challis is so nice to sew and wear, I would agree! Another great MMM week.

  2. I actually love the yellow and white skirt as it is! I think it would look cute styled with a navy top or a crisp white shirt. Love the turquoise on you, too- it's a great color! I really like that pattern- I'll have to find some rayon challis because the drape is fantastic!

  3. Thanks, Margo! I'm not good at accessorizing but, I do love a colorful shoe :-)

  4. Thank you! The top I'm wearing with the yellow skirt is navy (though, I just realize my bad selfie skills made it look black) - it's my go to color pairing. I've thought of a white button-front but, I don't know that I've tried it. I'll have to give it a go :-) Yes! You should definitely try it in challis. It's wonderful! Thanks for the pattern inspiration btw.

  5. I loved that yellow skirt when you first posted it, and I still love it now - though I am partial to yellow. It doesn't look too full to me, but we all have our own preferences :) The new turquoise top looks lovely. Rayon challis is the best! I do like the pastel purple skirt, it looks perfect with the shirt. My favorite is your last outfit, love the yellow shoes with navy (again, partial to yellow . . .) Pink would work with it also though.

  6. Thanks! I suppose the yellow skirt isn't full so much as just a lot of fabric (it's fully lined with the same fabric so I think it feels fuller than it is). The last outfit is my favorite too :-)

  7. LINEN FOREVER! My favorite make of all time is a big, full linen skirt, and it's definitely because of the fabric (it was one of my first proper makes so I'm always amazed that the seams haven't split and that it even remotely fits me!). I say we start a linen club! I've already recruited some MMM instagrammers. Join our linen fan club :)

  8. Haha, yes! I'm in! I admit, I totally misjudged linen after seeing many stiff, scratchy rtw pieces but, these skirts have me sold. In fact, I have another piece pre-cleaned and next in line for the cutting table :-)


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