Finished: S1808 Shorts in Anchor-Print Chambray

Otherwise known as crazy comfy dog-walking shorts that are conveniently on trend

Hey guys! Long time no see!

I have a rather large back-log of projects to share, some more complex than others, but it seems I'm starting with a simple, but oh-so needed one. 

The trouble is getting the photographs, isn't it? But Friday morning when I threw this on for a long walk with Brandon and CoCo, I thought to grab the camera and we just paused along the way. Side note: while the sunglasses and hat are likely to continue popping up here - I'm taking sun care very seriously these days - today, they're shielding you from the fact that I don't wear eye makeup on our morning walks haha.

I've been trying to make more of an effort to be more active lately and I've started taking CoCo for an extra, long walk in the mornings. Well, between the increasing summer heat, and the fact that holding her means I can't guard as well against sudden gusts of wind, I realized I really need to start wearing shorts again. I noticed through a few other bloggers that elasticated-waist shorts and track shorts are actually on trend right now. So, what better time to make some myself? 

Conveniently, the day before I came to take decision, I had just happened to pop into Hobby Lobby (a rather rare occurance) for another pattern and saw this cute anchor-print chambray.  Cotton + blue + anchors = 1.5 yards immediately purchased! Granted, I originally planned on making it into sleep shorts, but when I saw similar styles being considered acceptable day wear, I shifted gears slightly and whipped these up using a very slightly modified S1808 (the only elasticated, non-pajama pattern I owned!).

You could call these a bit of a palette cleanser. Some of you know, I have quite an addiction to sewing new things using the full "couture" process: thread-traced muslins, underlining, hand-sewn linings... By contrast, this was a very easy process and a very easy pattern. I actually read through the instructions and found them to be quite clear. To my recollection, there were even notes about understitching! High-five, Simplicity! The shorts really came together in about a day, which, for me, is absolutely unheard of. Faster sewists could likely sew these up in an hour or two. Of course, I did add time by adding top-stitching and a pocket, but the goal was to make them look as "real" as possible, since it's just such a casual style.


  • I cut a size 14, one size smaller than recommended. (In part because I expect to slim back down a bit, and in part because I didn't want quite that much ease.  With an elastic waist, I think there's a fine line between casual and sloppy, particularly when dressing your "problem areas" and I didn't want to be on the wrong side of it.) NOTE: if you are pear shaped, be very careful when selecting your size.  My choice worked out okay for me, but, to be honest, they were a bit tough to get over my hips at first. Oops!
  • I added a 7/16" full-bum adjustment, because well, that's where my weight is.
  • I left the length as-is, which I think works well as my "short-shorts" length. The finished inseam is ~5" and my inseam is ~36".
  • I edge-stitched the pleats and top-stitched and bar-tacked the pockets.
  • I used 1 1/4" 4-channel sports elastic, applied to the right-side of the inner waistband, rather than the recommended 1/4" elastic and casing.
  • I applied the elastic only between side seams, rather than wrapping around from pocket edge to pocket edge - a happy accident. 
  • I omitted the front ties to limit bulk over my stomach and so I can easily leave my shirts untucked when preferred. 
  • I added a right-back pocket to make the shorts look a bit more like day wear, and to break up the back view a bit (which then didn't happen because, of course, I chose that to be the only area I pattern matched, haha!), top-stitching the pocket before attaching and edge-stitching it to the garment ~2" below the waistband.
I made a few additional tweaks to the pattern after wearing these for a bit, which I'll share when I post pair #2, but overall, I'm rather happy with these. They were quick, easy, and are comfortable for long walks, just as I was hoping. I actually think I'll sneak a couple more on the machine, in between more complex garments.

What do you think of this more casual trend?

Hat: JCrew  / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban / Polo: Vineyard Vines (old) / Shorts: S1808 / Shoes: Coach

Happy sewing! x


  1. I think they're spot on Jenny. They may be more casual than what we expect from you, but no less immaculately made. You're the most elegant dog walker I've 'seen'.

    1. What a lovely comment, Marianna! Thank you!! I'm glad the more casual items aren't a disappointment (I did struggle with that before deciding to post), though I certainly have more typical items lined up too :)

  2. Amazing shorts and smile! Chambray is my favourite.

    1. Thanks so much, Lauren! I wasn't sure about chambray at first, but it is really is a great fabric.
      I know I've said, but your smile looks so great too! So glad to be done with the braces, but it was definitely worth it!

  3. I'm impressed you sewed these up in a day! They look impeccable...not that I would expect anything less! Well done!

    1. Thanks, Leigh-Anne! You and me both! Haha It's so unheard of for me. It was a nice change, though I still prefer the slow and steady garments ;)

  4. Oh, so pretty! And they look easy to wear, which is such a plus. ^^ I especially like those photos of the inside - I love peeking inside other people's makes!

    1. Thanks so much, Lia! They're so easy to wear and are in regular rotation now! I'm glad you like the inside shots. I love peeking at that too, so I'm trying to include a bit in each new post :)

  5. These are super cute and I love the fabric you chose. I really need to sew myself a pair of shorts - I have spent all summer in just one pair of shorts! Crazy, isn't it? With my kiddos I don't have time to sew or shop :( Not complaining though.

    I have a hard time finding chambray fabric. I've been looking for a while - both on-line and in stores. We don't have a Hobby Lobby near - so if you see some chambray somewhere, you will just have to let me know!

    1. Thank you! I just couldn't resist the anchors :) Sadly, this is still my only pair of shorts too haha They're pretty quick to make, but other projects, requiring muslins and such keep taking all of my sewing time! One day, maybe you can teach the little ones to sew, or help, so you can spend time with them and have more time at your machine.

      Do you have a Jo-Ann near you? I checked for you yesterday and saw some chambray at mine and 60% off :D Some of it was lightweight and would probably be better for a top or pjs, but there was at least one that was more the weight of these shorts. I've also heard good things about the "designer" http://www.califabrics.com/pink-designer-chambray/ and "dotted" http://www.califabrics.com/blue-dotted-lightweight-cotton-dobby-chambray/ chambrays from Cali Fabrics (full disclosure: said comments were made by bloggers who write for Cali&Co). I haven't felt them yet though. And, while I'm always a little hesitant to recommend Fabric.com, they have a wide selection of the Kaufman chambrays in a variety of weights.

    2. Wow, thanks! I will have to check it out. I'm excited to see what you do with the Cali partnership - I looked at their website after a recent instagram post of yours. I haven't tried Fabric.com either. Since the way a fabric feels is so important for me, I usually like to buy in a brick and mortar store rather than online, however you did introduce me to Fabric Mart a while back and some of my best fabric stash is from there. So maybe I should be less scared to buy online, and yes Joann's is pretty close to me. I can't take the kids because its usually a disaster and I spend the whole time apologizing to the staff or cleaning up isles - but I may be able to sneak away while hubby watches the kids!

    3. Thanks, I think my first post is scheduled for the end of the month :) I know what you mean about feeling the fabric. I can be picky, so I still buy most of mine locally. Both websites offer swatches though, for about $1/ea, if you find something you want to consider. I'm glad Fabric Mart is working out for you ;) Haha, in your kiddos' defense, I think Jo-Ann's taunts them on purpose sometimes (or at least or location often seems to). And I'm sure the employees are used to it. But I can understand you wanting to go by yourself. Maybe you can bribe the hubs to give you and hour or two :)


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