Hey June Trevi Dress in Black Rayon Poplin

Does a post count as a throwback if the garment was made 6 months ago? haha  You guys, I can be so bad about getting projects on the blog. Try as I might, I often can't resist wearing newly finished garments. This dress was definitely not an exception! It instantly became a new favorite and gets worn on a very regular basis. It became such a go-to, I actually forgot that I hadn't yet posted it!

This probably wins the record for the fastest I've ever purchased a pattern after seeing its release. Coincidentally, I'd been looking for a very similar pattern just the day before Adrianna posted it! I had dreams of a pink crepe version after falling down a rabbit hole, as one does, and stumbling on a simple, chic designer dress. (More on that in an upcoming post. Spoiler: I didn't find crepe, but I did make this in bright pink!)

Just as I'd hoped, this pattern was everything I'd wanted in a summer dress: designed for flowy fabrics, a modern sleeveless cut, and a breezy silhouette. And, as I'd expected, it was well-drafted, went together perfectly, and fit exactly as described. This is my second Hey June pattern and I love it just as much as my first. I can tell her patterns are going to be reliable, TNTs. And as a bonus, they've both included built-in FBAs!

Since this is such a simple (but well-designed) pattern, there's actually not too much to review.  Everything went together as it should (the PDF, the pattern pieces), the sizing was accurate, the instructions were clear and well thought out, and it went together rather quickly. Oh, and it has that nice finishing where the button band is cut-on and finishes both the neck edge and the hem edge (Love that! So easy and so clean.).

So, here's what I did. I:

  • used black rayon poplin (from Hancock's closing sale), Gutermann Mara and Maxi-Lock threads, mystery sheer knit interfacing (which turned out to be crap haha), and 8 mottled black buttons.
  • blended from a size 10 (with the FBA) at the bust to a 16 at the hips, based on the size chart.
  • serged the hem instead of stay-stitching. (This was just for speed and I did finish with a double-folded hem as instructed.)
  • substituted 1/2" handmade silk bias tape, using a 1/4" sa, in place of the recommended 7/8" (I do think 7/8" is a bit wide for a neckline in a drapey fabric, but I do not recommend sizing down to 1/2". It was what I had on hand and I'd decided to try to save my leftover poplin for future projects.)

And I've already made it again in pink and, as a top, in white. I think it's safe to call that love! :D  I definitely expect to pull this pattern out again next summer. Maybe play with the hem a bit? Add more of a high/low look to it (which is also really helpful for sitting when you have a full bum like me haha). I may also try one without the buttons, with just a keyhole at the neck. I really love the button back, but a little variety never hurt (and I only ever open the top one or two buttons anyway).

I also think this one is going to wear well into the fall.  It tends to stay warm and humid here for much longer than I'd like, so I actually end up stretching many of my sleeveless items well into November or December, by adding a cardigan as needed. No added bulk from sleeves and perfect for when it unexpectedly jumps back up to 90F (32c). I have an olive Blackwood cardigan coming up in my queue that I think will work well!

So, what do you think? Do you love the Trevi too? Also, on an unrelated note: could you also send me your tips for wearing hats? haha  I need to start wearing them more for added sun protection, but I find they make me a little self-conscious. Any pointers?

Happy sewing! xo

Dress: Hey June Trevi in black rayon poplin  //  Hat: Banana Republic (currently on sale!)  //  Necklace: by Gene Russell  //  Handbag: Sanctuary  //  Shoes: Hush Puppies (on sale!)

How awesome is this lady's photobomb!?
Also, word of warning: this dress does catch the wind haha

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