From time to time, you may see sponsored posts or affiliate links on this blog, so I wanted to briefly explain my policy on these.

Sponsored Posts:

I enjoy pattern testing and partnering with fabric shops that I regularly buy from anyway and so you may see a sponsored post in which I have received a pattern for testing or fabric for use in a post on said fabric shop's blog. I do not accept fabric offers or testing requests that require me to post on my blog or social media accounts.  Those "opportunities" usually require positive feedback and I refuse to mislead my readers in such a way. As a rule, I will generally post the fabric or patterns I do accept to the blog because, if it's a great product, I want you to know about it, and if it's not a great product, I want you to know that too. I always give my full and honest opinion, regardless of whether or not the item was sponsored in some way. Rest assured, I spend far too long on sewing anything I make to be swayed by having been "gifted" the item. If I struggle with it, that $10 discount isn't going to make it any less infuriating. 

All sponsored posts will have a disclosure statement at the top of the post.

Affiliate Links:

I may also add affiliate links to relevant posts. None of these links are high value, nor do they influence my post in any way. If you click an affiliate link (they'll always be marked with an *), I may receive a small percentage of your sale, should you make a purchase. It will not affect your purchase in any way.

If you have any questions about these policies, please don't hesitate to ask!!