Easy Hey June Tallinn Sweater Mod in Cranberry French Terry

Oh my goodness, what an odd spring we've been having! Here in Atlanta, we've had swings of 20+ degrees F between days. One day calls for the furnace to be on, the next begs for air conditioning! So, I'm so glad I decided to work on a final cold weather item or two before starting on my more summery vacation queue.

I ordered this rich cranberry fleece from Style Maker during their Black Friday sale and knew immediately it wanted to be a Hey June sweatshirt. But, which one? I let it mull for a bit as I worked on other things, then one day, I settled on a slightly oversized Lane.

This doesn't look like a Lane you say? That's 'cause it isn't haha. My fiancé kindly offered to reprint my Lane pattern at work since I totally went #teamcutthatshitout on my first printing and now decided to size up, but he got busy at work and it took a bit of time for him to get it to me. By the time he did, I'd honed in on the drawstring cowl neck you see here.

Now, I knew Hey June offered the Halifax Hoodie with a cowl neck, but I didn't have that one and the sweatshirt had a hold of me and needed to be sewn immediately, as they do. Deciding printing and taping a pdf wasn't instant enough, I opted to tweak a pattern I'd already had printed and waiting. Enter Tallinn. Yep, that cute sweatshirt with a crossover front that mine looks nothing like? That's the one! I knew it'd be a simple modification, given that it already had a cowl piece, and I rather liked the look of the dropped shoulders instead of a traditional armscye. So, clearly not having learnt my lesson from the Lane cutting I'd done, I cut straight in the Tallinn.

  • I chose to size up a touch and blend between L/XL/1X, because I wanted a more oversized look than the testers had. It turns out I shouldn't have sized up the hips, but live and learn, right?
  • Since I'm 3 or 4" taller than the pattern is drafted for (but mostly legs), I also added 1" to the body at the hem and 1" to the sleeves at the l/s line. Buuut... then had to cut off ~5/8" at cuff seam after my machine tried to eat it. So actually only ~3/8". Surprisingly, I think I need another inch added to the body length, but that could be the lack of FBA, which I might try on my next one.
  • For a snugglier collar, and so I can technically cover my nose should I ever decide to wear this sweatshirt while running in the cold, I added 2" to the height of the cowl, and I love the result!
  • I also added eyelets (because my Joy Jacket has me wanting to put them on everything! so fun!) and a drawstring channel to make the cowl a bit more versatile.
  • To eliminate the cross over, I simply cut the non-angled piece on the fold. Ditto for the band.
Seriously easy! And a modification I know I'll use at least a few more times. In fact, if this chilly breeze currently blowing through my windows is any indication, I expect I'll be sewing a few more sooner, rather than later!  Now, if only I'd thought to order more modal fleece, because this stuff is soooo soft. Love it. But, I do have a few cotton French terries (terrys? spellcheck hates both) standing by. 

So, are you sewing ahead or sewing for the weather outside?

Sweatshirt: (Modified) Tallinn in modal fleece  //  Jeans: Gap  //  Sneakers:  Keds  //  Rings: Blue Ridge Notions

Happy sewing! x


  1. So super cute! Great color and that fabric looks cozy! It is only this week actually feeling like spring. I have been trying to sew up swim but the snow last week took the wind out of my sails.

    1. Thanks, Emily! Oh my goodness, yes... so cozy :) Wow, I can definitely see how snow might put a damper on those plans! I hope the spring weather sticks around for you!


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