Vogue 8380 - That Cozy Blue Dress

Recognize this little navy number?  I've already worn this twice for Me-Made-May.  It's just so comfortable!  Apparently, when you sew a woven pattern in a knit, it goes from 'yuck!' to awesome!  Allow me to explain.

Me-Made-May: Days 9-15

Hello again, everyone! So, apparently, there's no method to the madness of these posts. I had intended to do one sooner but, I wasn't feeling well this weekend so, there was nothing to show. I've [technically] still managed to stick with it though. Here are my notes.

Me-Made-May: Days 4-8

This week is really getting away from me!  I'm behind on everything, BUT I'm keeping to my me-made pledge of four self-stitched items per week.  In fact, I'm outdoing it!  I've only skipped one day so far!  Here are my outfits and ramblings thoughts from the last five days.

Butterick 4443 - The "Spring Confections" Dress

My latest finished item is another former UFO. Hooray for getting those pesky flying saucers into the closet! Last summer, I had dragged Brandon into Jo-Ann's to look at the new Lisette fabrics. (Poor guy!)  What was probably 45 minutes later, while I was trying to talk myself into a printed blue one, Brandon, likely eyeing the exit, saw this fabric by the door.  He turned me around and told me this fabric looked much more 'me'.  He was right, of course.


Me-Made-May: Days 1-3

The fun of Me-Made-May has finally begun!  I'm already finding this process so enjoyable and so helpful!  I'm getting a lot of new ideas from all of your outfit posts as well! So many new ideas to add to the never-ending queue!

(Woo, that's a lot of exclamation points... do you think I'm excited?