Natural, Low-calorie Refreshment

We all know we're supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day, and with temperatures maintaining an abnormally high level (here in the Southern U.S., at least), it's especially important to stay hydrated. But, plain ice water can be so boring, sports drinks are too high in sodium, and every flavor packet is loaded with carcinogenic artificial sweeteners - or so I thought.

Recently, I stumbled upon some exciting new options! Both Crystal Light and Great Value (Walmart's generic brand) have introduced a small variety of natural water flavoring mixes in convenient to-go packets. These mixes are sweetened with stevia instead of aspartame or sugar. What does this mean? Stevia (or Truvia as it is sometimes branded) is a 100% natural, plant-derived sweetener, which is chemical-free, zero-calorie and zero-glycemic. This means you avoid the health risks of other low-calorie sweeteners but still only consume 15 calories per serving! (It's even good for those on low-carb diets!) It's win-win!

The companies offer flavors such as Tropical Fruit, Mixed Berry, and Mango Pineapple. My current summer favorites are the Lemonade and Raspberry Lemonade flavors. No drink says summer quite like lemonade! To find where Crystal Light Pure is sold near you click here. To find the Great Value mixes, click a flavor at this link and search by zipcode.

Happy hydrating! x


  1. That's great to know - I also like flavoring my water with fresh cucumbers, blueberries, or lemon - but not all together :)

  2. Great idea - I've never tried it with blueberries! Thanks for sharing!


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